Hon Mubukwanu urges parley staff to be professional

The Provincial Minister for Southern Province, Hon Nathaniel Mubukwanu has urged Parliamentary Staff to be professional and non-partisan in the way they carry out their duties.

NAZ employees applauded

The Deputy Clerk (Administration) of the National Assembly, Mrs. C N Mbewe has thanked all the National Assembly of Zambia (NAZ) employees for their hard work and commitment to duty and said that each one of them is important and deserved to be awarded. She said this when NAZ commemorated the Labour Day on 24th June, 2016 at Parliament Buildings under the theme “Celebrating the International Labour Movement”.

India offers fully-funded training courses to Commonwealth citizens

The Government of India is giving Commonwealth citizens the opportunity to attend fully-funded training courses across a range of areas, including
rural development, IT, telecommunications and renewable energy, in association with the Commonwealth Secretariat. For more information click here

Kenyan Chief Justice Mutunga appointed as Commonwealth Secretary-General's Special Envoy to Maldives

Today (20th June, 2016) the Commonwealth announced that Dr Willy Mutunga, Chief Justice of Kenya, will take up the role of the Secretary-General's Special Envoy to
Maldives. The appointment was made at the request of the Government of Maldives.Over the last few years, the Commonwealth has become increasingly
concerned about the political situation in the country. This has included the arrest and detention of senior political figures, constriction of space

IPU Press Briefing notes

Geneva, 27 May 2016

1) MPs from Middle East to work together on critical water issue
2) IPU Committee to undertake Syria refugee mission in Lebanon

MPs from Middle East to work together on critical water issue - Members of Parliament from the Middle East, including Israel and Palestine, will take
part in a round-table event next week to seek solutions to the critical issue of Middle East water resources.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Mid-Year Executive Committee Meetings take place in London, United Kingdom

The Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Mid-Year Meetings took place from 27 to 29 April 2016 in London,United Kingdom. For more information, read on the attached document.