About National Assembly


"To be a model legislature for democracy and good governance"



"Committed to providing effective and efficient professional support services to the National Assembly"


“Committed to effectively and efficiently carrying out its legislative, oversight, representative and budgetary functions”.

Core Values:

  • Non-Partisan – Should be non partisan in the execution of its duties.
  • Transparency – Should use transparent processes in the execution of its duties
  • Accountability – Shall assume responsibility over resources and duties assigned to it.
  • Professionalism – Shall demonstrate a high level of competence and uphold high ethical standards.
  • Teamwork – Shall promote effective co-operation and co-ordination among its staff.
  • Effectiveness – Shall deliver on targets assigned for the benefit of the Institution.
  • Efficiency – Shall provide quality service in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Core Values:

Accessibility – The MPs should enhance their interaction with the public both within and outside the Parliament precincts.

Effectiveness – MPs should perform their duties diligently.

Efficiency – MPs should discharge their duties in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Commitment – MPs should be dedicated to their duties.

Accountability – MPs should be answerable to their constituents on how they execute their duties.

Responsive – MPs should respond quickly to issues brought to their attention by their



"The goal of the Administration of Parliament is to effectively support MPs in the execution of their functions".


“To effectively perform the constitutional mandate in a manner that meets the aspirations of Zambians and contributes to national development”