About National Assembly

Vision Statement

"A Legislature that is more responsive to the people's needs and aspirations"

Mission Statement

"To execute the legislative, oversight, representative and budgetary functions for enhanced democratic governance"

Core Values

The core values apply to both Members of Parliament and staff, and serve as guiding principles for all actions and decisions. The following are the core values:


Commitment to quality service delivery in an adaptable, timely and reliable manner.


Commitment to honesty and adherence to ethical and moral principles of uprightness, honour and good character in the conduct of business.


Commitment to objectivity and non-discrimination in the execution of duties.


Commitment to not revealing or disclosing privileged information to unauthorised persons.

Accountability and Transparency

Commitment to being responsible and open to the public in upholding tenets of good governance.


Commitment to competent and diligent execution of duties.


Commitment to fairness or justice in the discharge of duties.

The core values have been shortened to read as RIICAPE (pronounced as Recape).