The European Union Election Observer Mission to the Zambian 2021 General Election Chief Observer Ms Maria Arena, MP presented the Final Report of its Observer Mission to the Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the Rt. Hon. Nelly B K Mutti, MP at Parliament Buildings in Lusaka on Wednesday, 9th February, 2022. 
Ms Arena informed the Rt. Hon. Speaker Mutti that the report contains 22 recommendations for future electoral reforms based on observations, analysis and extensive discussions with a range of stakeholders.  She added that of the 22 recommendations, six had been prioritized as follows:
i. repeal the Public Order Act and ensure in law adherence to regional and international standards for freedom of assembly, movement and expression; 
ii. revise candidacy requirements to enhance the right and the opportunity to stand by ensuring registration fees do not deter participation and are refundable, and removing educational requirements for the right to stand;
iii. enact a law on political parties stipulating registration requirements and guaranteeing internal party democracy, inclusivity, transparency and accountability, with adequate institutional oversight;
iv. remove from the law undue campaign privileges for the President and Vice-President to ensure equal campaign conditions for all candidates;
v. enact a law on campaign finance including reporting requirements for political parties, candidates, and traditional and social media. Mandate standardised, timely disclosure before and after elections. Income and expenditure reports have to be audited by a competent, independent body with investigative, sanctioning, and enforcement powers; and 
vi. formalise cooperation between the ECZ, civil society and main social media platforms to develop an efficient mechanism ensuring transparency of online campaigning, including its financing and countering hate speech and disinformation. Civil society in coordination with the ECZ could initiate signing of an agreement ensuring that social media platforms, including Facebook, introduce best practices in Zambia, including engagement with the ECZ, employment of content moderators, and prompt removal of damaging and dangerous content.
Ms Arena added that the report was not mandatory but depended on the Zambian governance system to decide whether to adopt it.  She reiterated that the recommendations were in line with regional and international standards.  Ms Arena pledged the European Union’s support in actualizing the recommendations.
Speaking during the same event, Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the Rt. Hon. Nelly B K Mutti, MP said the National Assembly would ensure that it plays its role in the reform process.  She expressed gratitude that the European Union Election Observer Mission had presented the report that would ultimately help Members of Parliament in debating and considering the Bills that the Executive would bring in order to actualize the recommendations.  
Speaker Mutti noted that the European Union Election Observer Missions have played a big role in enhancing democracy in Zambia and other countries.
The Deputy Clerk (Procedure), Ms Cecilia Sikatele said the report would be used in various processes of the National Assembly of Zambia’s work.  She added that most of the recommendations presented require repealing of the law to which the National Assembly plays a big role. Ms Sikatele stated that the institution remained committed to bringing positive change towards the dispensation of democracy. 
The other members of the delegation were, Ms Dimitra Loannou, Ms Deliana Kirilova Popova, Mr Colm Vincent Fahy, Mr Evan Eberle and Mr Pedro Miguel Pereira Almeida.