President Lungu Assents to a People-Driven Constitution

President Lungu has led Zambia into yet another milestone in the history of the nation as he fulfilled the long awaited promise by assenting to a people-driven Constitution. He signed the Constitution Bill at the National Heroes Stadium on Tuesday 5th January, 2016 in Lusaka at a ceremony that attracted thousands of people from all walks of life.

In his speech, President Lungu said that the constitution amendment bill had addressed a variety of issues in regard to the demands of citizens including the election of a president with over 50 per cent of the valid votes cast and the provision of a running mate to a presidential candidate.

President Lungu also stated that the constitution amendment bill had removed the uncertainty associated with the date of elections, noting that general elections will be held on the second Thursday of August in an election year.

He also said that Zambians would know in advance the successor of the Republic President through the running mate should the office of the President fall vacant for one reason or another.

President Lungu further noted that the constitution amendment bill would enhance political stability, a prerequisite for attracting increased levels of investment and improving the business environment in general.