Commonwealth Day celebrated under 'A Young Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Day celebrations held on 9th March 2015 were celebrated at the Parliament Buildings with an Open Forum which allowed young people to discuss the establishment of a Youth Parliament in Zambia. The Speaker of the National Assembly, the Rt. Hon. Justice Dr Patrick Matibini, SC, MP officially opened the ceremony and in his remarks told the youth that he was delighted that young people from all over the country came together with the view of creating a forum through which the youths could meaningfully contribute towards fostering democracy and development.
“You will agree with me that young people are key to economic and social progress in developing countries like ours and therefore, it is imperative that we reflect on, as we are doing today, what must be done to actualize their full potential” he said.
He said that the theme of the celebrations ‘A Young Commonwealth’ recognized the capacity, contribution and potential of young people, more this year, when the world would define a new global development framework.
Hon. Matibini urged the youth to seize the opportunity and air their views and ensure that they contributed towards enhancing young people’s participation in democracy.

And in a message to all Commonwealth countries read on her behalf by Ms Victoria Kalima, MP, Her Majesty the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II said, the commonwealth group consisted 53 nations of different sizes and climates and over the years have seen and acted upon the huge advantages of mutual cooperation and understanding, for the benefit of all countries and the people who live in them.

She further said, when people come together to talk, to exchange ideas and to develop common goals, wonderful things can happen.The day was characterized by colourful presentations by the Kamoto Cultural Group who performed a sketch depicting ‘a Young Commonwealth’ as well as a variety of traditional dances.