Support to the National Assembly of Zambia Project

The National Planning and Budgeting Policy enhances the National Assembly’s role in providing scrutiny and oversight of the budget preparation and implementation process. One of the Policy’s key aims is to strengthen and broaden the scrutiny and oversight function of the Legislature through building the capacity of National Assembly staff and Members of Parliament and ensuring that the Legislature uses comprehensive, results-based information to scrutinise the budget.

The National Planning and Budgeting Policy will be implemented through the enactment of  the National Planning and Budgeting legislation in accordance with Article 118 A of the Constitution. 

The European Union’s Support to the National Assembly Project intends to enhance economic governance in Zambia through improved public financial management, strengthened accountability processes and increased management for results.

A key element of the Project will, therefore, be supporting the creation of a Parliamentary Budget Office, which the National Assembly considers to be the appropriate organisational arrangement to host professionals and technical specialists that will support the National Assembly Committee system.