JCTR Meets with First Deputy Speaker to Discuss Climate Action and Collaboration

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) said its courtesy visit to the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Malungo A Chisangano, MP, marks a significant step towards collaboration on climate change and environmental management initiatives. The meeting held at the Parliament Buildings on 17th June, 2024, aimed to identify areas for joint efforts in addressing climate change issues.

During the meeting, Hon. Chisangano commended JCTR for its invaluable contributions through research, education, and advocacy. She highlighted JCTR's efforts to raise community awareness about climate change and bridge the critical knowledge gap in environmental management.

Hon. Chisangano reiterated that these efforts align with the National Assembly Strategic Plan, which emphasises a clean and green environment as a cross-cutting issue. She also noted that JCTR's work complements the Government's climate change agenda as outlined in the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) and Strategic Development Area 3: Environmental Sustainability.

The Executive Director of JCTR, Father Alex Muyebe, expressed appreciation for the National Assembly of Zambia's (NAZ) tree-planting initiative, "Promoting a Green Parliament," launched in July 2022. An initiative aimed to plant 1,000 trees in each Parliamentary Constituency across the country, reflecting a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Fr. Muyebe further disclosed details about JCTR's ongoing project, Community Action on Climate Change Adaptation and Environmental Management. A project that seeks to empower communities in three provinces of Zambia to advocate for climate change adaptation and effective environmental management. He also discussed potential partnerships with the National Assembly of Zambia (NAZ) to advance and achieve these goals.

Hon. Chisangano encouraged JCTR to leverage existing parliamentary structures, including Committee Systems, Constituency Offices, and Parliamentary Caucuses such as the Zambian Parliamentary Caucus on Environment and Climate Change (ZPCECC). She emphasised that these avenues were crucial for making recommendations and enacting legislation related to climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection, founded in 1988 by Jesuits, is dedicated to translating Christian principles and values into actions that promote social and economic justice in Zambia. The organization's commitment to climate action and collaboration with legislative bodies underscores its role in fostering sustainable development and environmental stewardship in the country.

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