Chief Justice Mumba Malila, yesterday June, 17th 2024, called the Right Honourable Speaker Hon. Nelly Butete Kashumba Mutti and others to the inner bar following the conferment of the rank and dignity of State Counsel by the Republican President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema on March, 13th 2024.

The others admitted to the inner Bar include; Hon. Mr. Jack Mwiimbu, MP, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal security; Mrs. Mwangala Zaloumis, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson; Mr. Musa Abdulla Arshad, Managing Partner, Musa Dudhia & Co.) and Mrs. Chibiya Sakala Emily Kondwa, Vice Chairperson, Judicial Service Commission & Managing Partner, JB Sakala & Co.

Speaking during the ceremony held in the Supreme Court, Justice Mumba Malila said that it was a great honour to perform the sacred duty to call to the inner Bar five very senior lawyers who have distinguished themselves in the practice of the law in the country.

“I have for many years personally known all of you, our newly admitted State Counsel. You are all senior lawyers of note. Each one of you had a distinguished career at the Bar, long before you accepted your current public service appointments. As the former Attorney General of this country, and recommending authority in the appointments of State Counsel, I can confirm that each of you have made an indelible mark in your various areas of endeavour as legal professionals long before the assumption of your current positions,” Justice Malila said.

Justice Malila told State Counsel that their appointments to this status and dignity sets them apart from their peers as it represents a public recognition by the appointing authority of their exceptional abilities as advocates.

“Today, we celebrate your taking silk with admiration for your deep learning in the law, outstanding competence as advocates and equally importantly, your possession of essential qualities of integrity, honesty, industry, independence and respect for the law. We celebrate you for exhibiting in your practice the best qualities of the legal profession, which has earned you admission to this elite club of senior lawyers in the profession,” Justice Malila said.   

He reminded the newly admitted State Counsel that the rank and dignity bestowed on them also meant sharing with other leaders of the Bar the burden and responsibility of professional leadership and a duty not only to fellow legal professionals but to fellow citizens and indeed to the nation, to guide and offer dispassionate legal service when called upon to do so.   

Justice Malila called on State Counsel to promote the rule of law and guarantee justice and fairness to communities and fellow citizens on the basis of the highest ethical and professional standards.

“You must always bear in mind that the prosperity of this country depends, amongst everything else, first and foremost, on our ability as a collective to promote the rule of law and guarantee justice and fairness to our communities and fellow citizens on the basis of the highest ethical and professional standards,” Justice Malila said.

He urged State Counsel to live by the public expectations even in retirement, that the status of State Counsel which they have assumed has become part of their DNA and will remain with them beyond their current assignments. 

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