The National Assembly of Zambia hosted an international symposium on the Olympic Movement, marking the first-ever planting of an olive tree at a Parliament in Africa.

The ceremony, led by the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Rt Hon Nelly B.K Mutti, SC, MP, FAPRA took place on Thursday 13th June, 2024 at the Parliament buildings.

Speaker Mutti, said the olive tree, originating from Archaia, Olympia in Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, represents a significant gesture of international solidarity symbolizing peace respect, victory and honour.

“This historic moment aligns with the centenary celebrations of the Zambian Legislature, highlighting its century-long commitment to promoting peace and unity, akin to the Olympic spirit,” Speaker Mutti said.

The Speaker said the Olympic ideals, which include mutual respect, fair play, and the pursuit of excellence resonate deeply with the principles upheld by the National Assembly of Zambia, fostering national unity and democratic harmony.

“The Olympic Movement has also a fundamental pillar which is the Olympic Truce, meaning peace. Therefore, there is need for all stakeholders, parliamentarians, sports figures, and citizens alike to advocate for peace amidst the current global conflicts,” she said.

Speaker Mutti reiterated the National Assembly's commitment to combating climate change, symbolized by the olive tree planting. She said that initiatives such as the ‘Speaker’s Plant a Tree Challenge,’ the creation of a National Assembly forest, and the planting of 1,000 trees across Zambia’s constituencies, demonstrate the legislature's dedication to reforestation and environmental sustainability.

The Speaker encouraged attendees to acquire and apply the knowledge shared to promote peace and Olympic ideals in their communities.

And Honorary Consul General of Greece Mr. Michael Kroupnik, said the planting of an olive tree at Parliament represent the shared values and deepening friendship between the two nations, with Olympians from Greece and Zambian athletes inspiring the next generation

The symposium, organized in collaboration with the General Consul of Greece in Lusaka and the Zambian National Olympic Committee, aimed to educate participants on the comprehensive values of Olympism. The symposium not only celebrated the rich heritage of the Olympic Games but also reaffirmed Zambia's dedication to fostering peace, unity and environmental stewardship.


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