Speaker Mutti Urges EAZ to Enhance Research and Strengthen Economic Contributions

Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the Rt Hon Nelly B.K Mutti, SC, MP, FAPRA has urged the Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) to fulfill its role as a professional body by providing insights to the government and other institutions, including the National Assembly, on how to improve the country’s economic performance.

She said this when the newly elected Economic Association of Zambia Board paid a courtesy call on her on Monday, 10th June, 2024, at Parliament Buildings.

Speaker Mutti said that Members of Parliament need to be guided by research to debate with accurate statistical figures. She urged the Association to develop various mechanisms to assist both the government and the National Assembly in this regard.

Speaker Mutti accordingly, lauded EAZ for its significant contributions to economic policy and governance. She stated that the National Assembly is rolling out support for sector budget committees and invited EAZ to actively participate in providing detailed analysis and recommendations to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of budget allocations.

"EAZ has made substantial contributions to addressing our nation’s economic challenges, however, there is a growing need for EAZ to review certain existing laws and propose amendments which will enable us to formulate better economic policies and governance frameworks which will bring about robust economic growth and address the economic challenges the country is currently facing," Speaker Mutti stated.

Speaker Mutti further acknowledged the importance of EAZ’s role in the upcoming National Economic Summit, scheduled for July 2024. She expressed the National Assembly of Zambia's readiness to participate in the summit, noting that it will provide a platform for financial committees to engage with key stakeholders, fostering dialogue and finding viable solutions.

"The summit is a great opportunity for the financial committees to engage with EAZ and other like-minded institutions in finding solutions to the current social and economic challenges affecting the country. It can also contribute significantly to this year’s budget analysis," said Speaker Mutti. "

And Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) President, Dr. Osward Mungule, recognized the role the Legislature plays in shaping the country’s economic policies. He stated that as a professional body, the EAZ is committed to providing expert analysis and recommendations to assist lawmakers in crafting policies that will address social inequities, stimulate economic growth, and ensure sustainable development.

Dr. Mungule told Speaker Mutti that the Association is pleased that the National Assembly has agreed to participate in the forthcoming National Economic Summit 2024. He said that the Assembly's involvement will foster dialogue between policymakers and economic stakeholders, enriching the summit’s outcomes.