Parliament Clubs Gaining Ground in Secondary Schools

In a bid to promote civic education and increase awareness about the role of the National Assembly of Zambia, staff of the Institution embarked on an exercise to visit selected schools in Central Province that have established Parliament Clubs. The visits were conducted between 29th May and 1st June, 2023.

The undertaking which was aimed at assessing the progress made by the schools and providing technical support where necessary, saw National Assembly staff visiting several schools in Serenje, Mkushi, Kabwe and Mumbwa districts to interact with learners who are Members of Parliament Clubs, teachers and Constituency staff who are monitoring the clubs at constituency level.

During the visits, National Assembly staff engaged with the learners and teachers on various topics including the role of the National Assembly, the importance of civic education, and the need for young people to actively participate in democratic processes.

National Assembly staff also provided technical support to teachers who are club patrons and matrons with the aim of making the Parliament Clubs more effective.

Speaking during this undertaking, Ms Sibonelo Jere, Senior Public Relations Officer for the National Assembly of Zambia stated that it important for Zambian citizens to be aware of the role of the National Assembly and how they can participate in Parliamentary Democracy. She added that the establishment of Parliament Clubs in Secondary Schools has become an important avenue for raising awareness about the Institution of Parliament among the citizenry.

Ms Jere also commended the schools that have established Parliament Clubs and urged other schools to follow suit in order to ensure that young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in parliamentary democracy.

The National Assembly of Zambia embarked on a project to establish Parliament Clubs in Secondary Schools across the country in August, 2022. As at May, 2023, about 30 Secondary Schools were running Parliament Clubs.

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