Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, The Rt. Hon. Nelly B K Mutti, MP has congratulated Former Speaker, Hon. Amusaa K Mwanamwambwa, GCDS for publishing the book entitled “Mr Speaker”. 

Speaking in Lusaka when Hon. Mwanamwambwa presented a copy of the book to her on Monday, 20th February, 2023, Speaker Mutti said the book would provide good insights for both Presiding Officers and parliamentarians and therefore, in order to promote the reading culture among parliamentarians and staff, copies of the book would be placed in the National Assembly of Zambia Library.

And Hon. Amusaa K Mwanamwambwa said he had taken time to document his personal experiences and challenges while serving as Speaker of the National Assembly and therefore, encouraged all Members of Parliament to read the book.

Hon. Mwanamwambwa said the book is divided in two parts with part one covering the building blocks from early life to experiences which prepared him adequately for speakership.  

The second part of the book gives insights into Parliamentary Practice covering how, behind the scenes, a candidate for speakership is identified, elected into office, how he or she presides over the proceedings of the House, guides the Members of Parliament on orderly parliamentary procedure, and many other duties the Speaker of Zambia performs in and outside Zambia.

Hon. Mwanamwambwa encouraged fellow Speakers, parliamentarians and politicians in the region and beyond to consider documenting their rich experiences for the benefit of posterity.

Hon. Amusaa K Mwanamwambwa, GCDS served as Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia from 1998 to 2011.