The National Assembly of Zambia with support from the Ministry of Education launched the establishment of Parliamentary Democracy Clubs in schools in Central and Lusaka Provinces respectively, on Saturday 6th  August, 2022 at Tuskers Hotel, Kabwe and on Friday 19th August 2022 at Parliament Buildings.  

A one day training workshop was conducted for teachers from the various districts of the aforementioned provinces to discuss and share best practices aimed at enhancing tools to support them set up the Democracy clubs in schools.  

The objective of Parliamentary Democracy Clubs in schools is to increase the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of democracy and the work of Parliament; strengthen their level of participation in decision-making and create a platform where they can debate and present issues that affect them. These democracy clubs would also be a podia from where participants to the National Youth Parliament, held each year, would be elected and groom the young learners who aspire to see themselves as actors of change in the democratic system.

This program will be rolled out to schools in all the remaining provinces with the help of the Ministry of Education to ensure that impact is heightened.

The Parliamentary Democracy Clubs is a project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aimed at enhancing young learners participation in the democratic processes.



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