Speaker of the National Assembly, The Rt. Hon Ms Nelly B K Mutti, MP has said that there has been erosion on democracy in the last decade in most regions of the world and has therefore cautioned all actors and stakeholders to urgently address the growing phenomenon.
Speaking in Madrid, Spain when she addressed the 143rd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), and Related Meetings, under the theme “Contemporary Challenges to Democracy; Overcoming Divisions and Building Community,” the Rt Hon Mutti noted that the erosion of democracy in world regions has sadly been witnessed in both emerging and established democracies and said that there was need to halt the regions from further backsliding on democracy. 

The Rt. Hon Mutti stated that the erosion of democracy in world regions is attributed to a number of challenges such as political polarisation; rise in populism; lack of electoral integrity; the proliferation of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs); and climate change as some of the factors.

The Rt. Hon Mutti said that democracy provides a platform of rule by proportionate representation where citizens are empowered to determine the future of the nation and therefore urged parliaments to provide a strong and robust legal framework that promotes democracy and national unity. 

The Rt Hon Mutti informed the Assembly that Article 45 of the Constitution of Zambia outlines principles that promote integrity within the electoral process, which is important for democracy, unity and peace building. She further added that Parliamentary oversight ensures that the Executive is held accountable for its actions as demanded by democracy and the rule of law. 

The Rt. Hon Mutti also reminded the gathering of Parliamentarians that Parliaments should strengthen their oversight mechanisms to ensure that they take their positions as a people’s representative body and not just rubber stump the actions of the Executive. She also added that Parliaments must advocate for the formulation of legislation that promote democracy and good governance.

The 143rd Assembly of the IPU and Related Meetings is being held in Madrid, Spain from 26 to 30 November 2021. It has attracted over 500 Parliamentarians from all Parliaments of the world. The Zambian Parliament is being represented by the Speaker of the National Assembly, The Rt Hon Nelly Mutti, and other Members of Parliament from both ruling and Opposition political parties in the House.