Petauke Constituency Office awarded as Second (2nd) Best Exhibitor

Petauke District Agriculture and Commercial Show Society (PDACSS) held the 2016 Agriculture and Commercial Show from Friday 10thJune – Saturday 11thJune at Show grounds Market under the theme: “Managing Environment for Growth”.
The Petauke Agriculture and Commercial Show attracted various exhibitors from different sectors, among them individuals; Groups/Clubs/Co-operatives; Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); Government Departments and Institutions; Agro-Dealers and Seed Companies.

Petauke Constituency Office was among the exhibitors under Government departments that included Petauke District Hospital, Ukwimi Trades & Training Institute and Zambia Correctional Services. The office’s exhibition was in form of an Information Desk and among the publications exhibited were the Constitution of Zambia (Amended), proposed Bill of Rights, the Referendum Question and various Parliamentary publications. Most of the show goers were interested in information on the Bill of Rights, the amended Constitution of Zambia and the referendum question.

The office interpreted the theme “Managing Environment for Growth” by emphasizing the importance of information for people to understand and appreciate various interventions and policies being implemented to enhance economic, social and also cultural growth of citizens. Petauke Constituency Office took advantage of the show to provide information to show goers on the forth-coming general elections and referendum. The show also provided a platform for show goers to access information on the work of Parliament, Members of Parliament and the Constituency Office in particular.

Petauke Constituency Office was therefore awarded a certificate as 2nd Best Exhibitor under government departments. The 1st prize went to Petauke District Hospital.

Outreach activities such as participation in district agriculture and commercial shows and other district fora and commemorations enhance community awareness on the existence and functions of Constituency Offices, thereby increasing the number of people visiting the offices. National Assembly therefore promotes the participation of Constituency Offices in such events in it brings Parliament closer to the people.