The Clerk Meets Newly Elected Chairperson of the National Assembly Football Club

On Tuesday, 26th January, 2016, Mrs Doris Katai K Mwinga, Clerk of National Assembly of Zambia, had the pleasure of hosting at her Office, Mr Teddy Nyambe and Mr Moses Mwitila, who are the newly elected Chairperson and Vice – Chairpersonthe National Assembly Football Club (NAFC) respectively.

This follows the elections that were held on the 15th January, 2016 at Parliament Buildings to elect the new NAFC Executive Committee.
In her opening remarks, the Clerk congratulated the Chairperson and his team on being elected to their new positions and urged them to get the NAFC back to its glory days.
In turn, Mr Nyambe shared the NAFC Executive Committee’s vision of improving the performance of the club. However, he noted that the club had been facing a number of challenge’s ranging from insufficient financial and material support to inadequate player incentives which is key to boosting the morale of not only the players, but also that of the coach and his technical bench.
In this regard, and in order to achieve the NAFC Committee’s vision of taking the football club back to its glory days and avoiding relegation, Mr Nyambe proposed a number of measures which included: To explore the possibility of re – establishing the National Assembly Football Clubhouse for social interaction and fundraising activities; increasing player incentives and seeking additional financial support from corporating partners outside the National Assembly.

In conclusion, and as a way of responding to Mr Nyambe’s concerns, the Clerk stated that the National Assembly Management was aware of the challenges that the Football Club was facing and assured Mr Nyambe and Mr Mwitila of its continued support to the club. She urged the Executive Committee to begin the dialogue on the possibility of adjusting upwards the NAFC subscription fee as well as sourcing financial support from outside Parliament in order to improve the Club’s financial standing.
Mr Nyambe thanked the Clerk of National Assembly of Zambia for meeting with him and his Vice and assured her of the Football team’s improved performance in the coming season which starts in March, 2016.