Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the Right Honorable Nelly Butete Kashumba Mutti, MP, FAPRA, yesterday received fruit plants from Ms. Elina Beverly Namukwanya, founder of the organization "Wampa Green Life" as part of efforts to help combat climate change.

The honorable Speaker mentioned how she was delighted with this initiative, as the world is currently dealing with the issue of climate change. She emphasized that unless everyone took a stand and actively participated, especially in terms of replacing the trees that are being cut down daily, it would not be possible to combat the effects of climate change. This was said at the Speaker's office, at Parliament Buildings, on Monday, 11th March 2024.

"The impacts of climate change do not choose. Whether you are a charcoal burner when the drought comes, you will not be the only one to be affected. The impact will be on everyone, even those people who are in nursing. That's why when people talk about planting trees, it motivates and moves me, especially now because it is coming from a young person," she said.

Speaker Mutti also praised Ms. Namukwanya for implementing an innovative approach to combating climate change, which involves using big occasions to promote the planting of trees, such as Women's Day. The honorable speaker stated that this approach would bring a lot of value if each one of those women who were marching had planted at least one tree.

The honorable Speaker was also glad that the plants were brought at a time when the campaign "#Speakers Plant A Tree Challenge" had just recently been launched and reiterated the need for every Zambian, or every Zambian parent, to plant one tree for each of their family members. With everyone doing that, she stated that they could plant 20 million trees. And even if they were only able to plant 10 million trees, it would still be a significant improvement over their current efforts.

Speaker Mutti also expressed delight with Ms. Namukwanya working with schools due to the various schools across the country. She further mentioned that if each student planted just one tree, it would make a huge difference in terms of replacing the trees that have been cut down.

Speaking at the occasion, the Founder of Wampa Green Life, Ms. Elina Beverly Namukwanya, mentioned that as Women's Day was approaching, she referenced the planting of trees in other countries where women and children plant trees on special occasions to honor their country's women. She said this inspired her to give the honorable speaker fruit plants to show her appreciation.