Speaker of the National Assembly, the Right Honourable Nelly Mutti, (MP), has launched the Parliamentary Christian Caucas that will provide a platform for Parliamentarians to discuss and advocate for policies that align with Christian values and principles.

Speaking during the launch today at Parliament Building, the Honourable Speaker Nelly Mutti said that the establishment of the Caucas affirms the preamble of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016.

The Speaker who lamented the degradation of morals in society brought about by globalization and proliferation of social media, has called for a united voice from the Parliamentarians through this caucas to not only provide the much needed guidance, but also lead as an example of unity in diversity.

Other objectives of the Parliamentary Christian caucas include; promotion of dialogue among parliamentarians from different political parties and denominations, addressing issues of religious freedom, social justice and ethical concerns within legislative framework, to engage with relevant stakeholders, religious organisations and civil society to build consensus and gather support for Christian-oriented initiatives, to foster interfaith dialogue and cooperation while upholding Christian values and principles and to organize and conduct an annual National Prayer Breakfast.

The Speaker has also announced that the Parliamentary Christian Caucas, intends to organize  the National Prayer Breakfast on an annual basis, to be held on 19th October, after the National Day of Prayer with the Republican President expected to participate. The Interim Chairperson of the Parliamentary Christian Caucas is Rev. Mrs. Emelda Munashabantu, Member of Parliament for Mapatizya Constituency while Dr. Lutangu Lubasi is the Chairperson of the National Prayer Breakfast.

And members of the Clergy have welcomed and congratulated the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Nelly Mutti, for the establishment of the Parliamentary Christian Caucas. 

The Parliamentary Christian Caucas has attracted the participation and support of Church mother bodies and various Christian denominations. Some of the prominent Clergy who attended the event included; The Presiding Bishop of the Bread of Life International Joe Imankando, Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, Bishop Dr. Joshua Banda and Independent Churches of Zambia Board Chairman, Reverend David Masupa.


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