Madam Speaker Commends CPA Zambia branch for Promoting Gender Parity

The Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, Rt. Hon Nelly Mutti, MP, commended the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Zambia branch for organizing a workshop on achieving gender parity in the Zambian Parliament.

Madam Speaker emphasized the need to support the representation of minority groups, particularly women, in decision-making positions. She also mentioned that proportional representation and affirmative action are key in achieving gender parity and also highlighted the proposed transformation of the Zambia Women's Parliamentary Caucus into a Standing Parliamentary Committee on Women Affairs.

During the workshop, participants discussed the progress made in promoting gender equality in Zambia and identified the remaining challenges.

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Roy Ngulube, highlighted the low representation of women in the National Assembly and local government. Despite Zambia's adoption of various declarations and protocols promoting gender equality, the numbers indicate a significant gender disparity. The workshop aimed to provide insights and information on gender equality for achieving equal gender representation at all levels of development.

The Deputy Government Chief Whip and Chairperson of the Zambia Women's Parliamentary Caucus, Hon Princess Kasune, MP emphasized the importance of gender equality for sustainable development. Over 50 participants attended the workshop, including parliamentarians from Rwanda and South Africa, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders.

The workshop produced recommendations such as increasing the number of women parliamentarians, providing support for women in parliament, and enacting gender-sensitive legislation. The program was successful, and the recommendations will contribute to promoting gender equality in the Zambian Parliament.

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