Ghanaian Minority Whips Benchmark the Zambian Parliament

The First Deputy Minority Whip Honourable Ibrahim Ahmed, MP and the Second Deputy Minority Whip, Honourable Comfort Cudjoe Ghansah Doyoe, MP from the Parliament of Ghana are undertaking a benchmarking study visit of the Zambian Parliament to, among other things, learn best practices in the Whipping system of the Zambian Parliament and the role of the Party Whips in maintaining discipline among Members of Parliament.

While paying a courtesy call on the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, Honourable Malungo Chisangano, MP at Parliament Building on Tuesday, 1 st November, 2022, Hon. Ahmed indicated that his delegation had embarked on the benchmarking study visit in order to learn the best practices, especially in the area of the Whipping System.

During the same meeting, Hon. Doyoe said that their delegation is picking a lot of lessons in the course of their study visit and that this would not be the last visit from the minority party, but that more teams would be sent to learn best practices in other areas of the work of the Zambian Parliament.

First Deputy Speaker Chisangano reiterated to the visiting delegation the warm relationship that Zambia and Ghana share which spans many decades since the two countries gained independence. She also highlighted that the Zambian and Ghanaian Parliaments have continued to benefit from these mutual relations through exchange visits. She cited examples of some of the visits that Zambian Parliamentarians have undertaken to the Parliament of Ghana this year which include, the Committee on National Security and Foreign Affairs and the Standing Orders Committee.

Hon. Chisangano further shared with the Ghanaian delegation how the Whipping System is organised and operated in the Zambian Parliament and provided information on various other aspects of the work of the Zambian Parliament.

Thereafter, a discussion ensued around the Whipping System in both the Zambian and Ghanaian Parliaments and parties present were able to draw comparisons and differences in the manner in which the Whipping System and other areas of Parliamentary Procedure are practiced in either parliament. Parties present were able to pick some lessons from either Parliament which resulted in an enriching experience.

In the course of their benchmarking study visit, the Ghanaian Delegation are also expected to have interactions with the Leader of the Opposition Honourable Brian Mundubile, MP, the Opposition Whip Mr. Stephen Kampyongo, MP and the Whip for Independent Members, Mr Jay Banda, MP.

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First Deputy Speaker, Hon. Malungo Chisangano, MP meets with Ghanaian Minority Whips
Centre, First Deputy Speaker, Hon. Malungo Chisangano, MP, Right, Hon. Ibrahim Ahmed, MP,  left, Hon. Comfort Cudjoe Ghansah Doyoe