The Statistics Act

Act Number: 
N.A.B. No 13 of 2018

An Act to establish an integrated National Statistical

System; provide for mechanisms for coordination,

collection, management and dissemination of statistics;

promote the use of statistical data and information at

individual,institutional, national and international levels;

re-constitute theCentral StatisticalOffice as theZambia

Statistics Agency and define its functions; establish the

Board of the Zambia Statistics Agency and define its

functions; provide for the production and compilation of

official statistics in a transparent and impartialmanner;

ensure the protection of personal data collected for

statistical compilation purposes; build sustainable

capacity for theproduction anduse of statistical data and

information for planning purposes; ensure coordination

among statistical agencies; give effect to the United

NationsFundamental Principles ofOfficial Statistics and

Principles of theAfricanCharter on Statistics; repeal the

Census and Statistics Act 1955 and the Agricultural

StatisticsAct 1964; and to provide formatters connected

with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

ENACTEDby the Parliament of Zambia.

Acts of Parliament (Post 1997)