Report of The Committee on Legal Affairs, Governance, Human Rights, Gender Matters and Child Affairs on The Service Commissions (Amendment) Bill, N.A.B 21 of 2013

Report Summary

Objects of the Bill

The object of the Bill is to amend the Service Commissions Act, Cap 259 of the Laws of Zambia so as to reconstitute the membership of the Judicial Service Commission.


The Service Commissions (Amendment) Bill, 2013 seeks to amend the Service Commissions Act, Cap 259, in order to revise the membership of the Judicial Service Commission.  The justice system in Zambia, especially the Judicature, has come under increased criticism from members of the general public in recent years.  The Government has noted that various sections of society have not disguised their diminishing faith in the judicature as a sanctuary in guarding the rule of law, professional values, justice, fair play and accountability to the citizenry.  A number of organisations have, in this regard, called for judicial reforms.  One of the areas that requires immediate reform is the institutional process related to the appointment of Judges with a view to initiate a more participatory and transparent process.