The Dairy Industry Development 2010

Act Number: 
Act Number 22 of 2010

An Act to regulate the dairy industry so as to develop an efficient and self sustaining dairy industry that will effectively contribute towards poverty alleviation, household food security and employment creation; establish the Dairy Industry Development Board and provides for its functions and powers; enhance milk production in order to fully utilise the capcity of processing facilities,so as to achieve growth inthe processing of safe and wholesome high value milk products; provides for the processing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of milk; ensure collaboration and participation of all stakeholders within the dairy industry and provide wider service to farmers inthe dairy industry; pomote self regulation of the dairy industry through the development and use of codes of practice; repeal the Dairies and Dairy Produce Act,1931; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

Date of Assent: 13th April, 2010.

Enacted by the Parliament of Zambia.

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