The Corporate Insolvency Bill, 2017

Parliamentary Period: 
Second Session of the Twelfth Assembly

The objects of this Bill are to provide for—

(a) corporate receiverships, appointment of receivers and the duties and responsibilities of receivers;

(b) business rescue, appointment, duties and responsibilities of business rescue administrators, rights of affected persons during business rescue proceedings and business rescue plans;

(c) schemes of arrangements or compromise with creditors;

(d) winding up of companies, appointment of liquidators and the duties and responsibilities of liquidators, committees of inspection, special managers and the Official Receiver;

(e) insolvency practitioners and the duties and responsibilities of insolvency practitioners;

(f) cross-border insolvency; and
(g) matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing. 

Bill Stage: 
First Reading
Second Reading
Committee Stage
Report Stage
Third Reading