Procurement Department



The Procurement Department at the National Assembly is the department responsible for managing all the Procuring Entity (PE) procurement activities, obtaining all required approvals from the appropriate approving authorities, planning procurement activities, preparing solicitation documents, managing bid processes, evaluating bids, recommending for the appointing of contract managers and overseeing contracts management, and preparing procurement reports among other procurement duties. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Zambia Public Procurement Act, 2008, Section 20.



 “To develop into one of the best organized, efficient and effective department at the National Assembly and in the public service at large so as to translate the benefits and influence to promote efficiency and effectiveness at the National Assembly”.




 “To provide the best public procurement service to the National Assembly and the procurement profession in Zambia in line with the Zambia Public Procurement Authority’s (ZPPA) Public Procurement Act, 2008 and the accompanying Public Procurement Regulations, 2011”.




The department is headed by the Principal Clerk (Procurement) whose office is in Room M4 at the main buildings. He is assisted by two Assistant Principal Clerks. One is also stationed at the main buildings in Room M7 together with a Purchasing Officer and an Assistant Purchasing Officer. The other is based at the National Assembly Motel and is assisted by an Assistant Purchasing Officer (Motel).

Other appointments and changes in nomenclature in the new department are expected to be made soon.

The staff strength of the whole Procurement Unit stands at six officers, four (4) based at the Parliament and two (2) based at the Motel.

The following are some of the activities undertaken:

  1. Providing advice and guidance to management on all procurement related issues;
  2. Preparation of the Annual Procurement Plan for the institution in time in order to facilitate resource mobilization for procurement of all the requirements of goods, works and services needed for the institution.
  3.  Planning procurement activities in collaboration with and recommending the appropriate methods of procurement;
  4. Preparing solicitation (Bidding) documents after scrutinizing and agreeing with the users on the specifications, terms of reference, scope or service level requirements;
  5. Preparing bid notices, short-lists, evaluation reports, contract award recommendations and contracts;
  6. Managing the bid process, including conducting, site visits, pre-bid meetings, clarifications, receipt and opening of bids;
  7. Managing the evaluation of bids, negotiations and any post qualification activities;
  8. Recommending for the appointment of contract managers and overseeing contracts management by the designated contracts manager (s);
  9. Preparing any procurement reports required by the ZPPA to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of data and information bases relating to public procurement and to assist in the public procurement and to support the monitoring of public procurement, the development of public procurement policies for purposes of the Procurement Act, 2008;
  10. Preparing any procurement reports required by the Controlling Officer or the Procurement Committee for purposes of the Procurement Act, 2008;
  11. Ensuring the procurement processes are adhered to as guided by the Public Procurement Act, 2008 and its supporting Regulations of 2011 by all procurement staff, the users and stakeholders;
  12. Negotiating and securing credit facilities with suppliers or favourable payment terms and conditions of supply;
  13. Obtaining/Storing and updating of procurement information and records;
  14. Attending to all audit queries other related queries and complaints from internal and external customers;
  15. Seeking “No Objections” from the Authority or Financing Agents etc.  ;
  16. Reviewing bid closing and opening and evaluation reports ;
  17. Sourcing for suppliers, obtaining  and analysing quotations/bids, seeking/obtaining authority to award, raising orders and communicating and expediting the order deliveries and ensuring supplier payments, etc.;
  18. Organising Procurement Committee meetings, providing secretarial services to the National Assembly Procurement Committee, preparing status reports, committee papers, writing minutes and related procurement reports;
  19. Sending procurement various types of procurement related reports to the Zambia Public Procurement Authority and writing and responding to other relevant or general correspondence;
  20. Sourcing the market for new suppliers, new products and price comparisons and inspection visits to supplier business premises;
  21. Ensure the optimum availability of goods and services to guarantee that activities are properly co-coordinated with the stores section so as to make certain that there are no stock-outs. The availability of goods at all times assists in the functions of the institution not to be disrupted;
  22. To ensure Accountability and that all goods, works and services procured for the institution are properly employed and managed according to their intended purpose;
  23. Record maintenance of procurement documents such as:

1.    Suppliers Business Profiles;

2.    Solicitation (Bidding) Documents and Request for Quotations(RFQ’s, RFP’s or RFI’s) register;

3.    Notices of Meetings;

4.    Tender Closing and Bid Opening register;

5.     Evaluation Reports;

6.    Signed Procurement Committee minutes;

7.    Local purchase order register;

8.    Signed Contract;

9.    General Correspondence; and

10. Various Procurement Reports.

  1. Any other procurement related activities.

Preparation and maintenance of procurement reports these are: monthly returns, quarterly reports and annual reports.


3.1 Processing and ensuring the procurement of Members of Parliament and institutional      vehicles;

3.2 Procurement and renewal of Group Life Assurance for Members of Parliament; and

3.3 Ensuring the availability of all services, materials or working requirements in all the     departments for effective and efficient support and service delivery to the business of the House.