The Transitional Period and Inauguration of President Bill, 2016

Parliamentary Period: 
Fifth Session of the Eleventh Assembly

The objects of this Bill are to provide for-

(a) the administrative and security procedures during the transitional period;

(b) the procedure for safeguarding public documents and information during transitional period;

(c) the procedures and formalities for the inauguration and assumption of office of President by the President-elect;

(d) the venue and place for the inauguration ceremony;

(e) the process for the handover of the symbols and instruments of office and the presidency by the former President to the President;

(f) the procedures relating to the transitional period when a President dies in office;

(g) the funding of the inauguration ceremony; and

(i) the matters connected with, or incidental to the foregoing.

Bill Stage: 
First Reading
Second Reading
Committee Stage
Report Stage
Third Reading