Burundian Parliament must lead efforts for peace and unity

Geneva, 11 November 2015

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is urging the Burundian Parliament to not fail its people or in its duty to represent and protect all of

society as global concern over the increasingly fraught situation in the country mounts.

Calling for an immediate end to months of violence and a climate of fear following a political crisis that has left hundreds of people dead

and hundreds of thousands displaced across borders, IPU is stressing the need for the Burundian Parliament and its Members to be part

of a national solution and
not a problem.

“Parliament and parliamentarians have the unique responsibility of representing all of society and addressing their concerns. Parliamentarians
have no role to play in inciting hatred, division or violence against any segment of society,” says IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong.

IPU has been particularly worried by reports of incitement to violence against political opposition in the country.

“Given Burundi’s history, Parliament and its leaders must urgently work to heal the political and ethnic divisions so the country can step back from the
brink of the abyss it is now facing, and for the people to regain faith in their political institution,” adds Secretary General Chungong.