The Urban and Regional Planning

Act Number: 
Act Number 3 of 2015

Date of Assent: 14th August, 2015

An Act to provide for development, planning and administration principles, standards and requirements for urban and regional planning processes and systems; provide for a ramework for administering and managing urban and regional planning for the Republic; provide for a planning framework, guidelines, systems and processes for urban and regional planning for the Republic; establish a democratic, accountable, transparent, participatory and inclusive process for urban and regional planning that allows for involvement of communities, private sector, interest groups and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation and operation of human settlement development; ensure functional efficiency and socioeconomic integration by providing for integration of activities, uses and facilities; establish procedures for integrated urban and regional planning in a devolved system of governance so as to ensure multi-sector cooperation, coordination and involvement of different levels of ministries, provincial administration, local authorities, traditional leaders and other stakeholders in urban and regional planning; ensure sustainable urban and rural development by promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability in development initiatives and controls at all levels of urban and regional planning; ensure uniformity of law and policy with respect to urban and regional planning; repeal the Town and Country Planning Act, 1962, and the Housing (Statutory and Improvement Areas) Act, 1975; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

ENACTED by the Parliament of Zambia.

Acts of Parliament (Post 1997)