Hon. Speaker Matibini Addresses the 132 IPU Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Speaker of the National Assembly  of Zambia, the Rt. Hon Justice Dr Patrick Matibini, SC, MP on Sunday 29th March, 2015 addressed Delegates at  the National Convention Centre where  the 132 Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly is taking place  in Hanoi, Vietnam  from 28 March to 1st April, 2015, under the theme, “The Sustainable Development Goals: Turning Words into Action.”

Speaker Matibini said that, “With the new Sustainable Development Agenda, the world, once again, has an opportunity to meet three of the main Pillars of global development, namely, the eradication of extreme poverty by 2030; the protection of the environment; and the promotion of social inclusion and economic opportunities for all”

He added that Zambia has been fully engaged in the post-2015, “ the Future We Want” dialogue, since January 2013, and has developed clear national priorities, which evidently provide valuable inputs to the global exercise that culminated in the world leaders agreeing to a bold and inspiring Development Framework that now takes us beyond the MDGs target.

He was happy to report the following progress that Zambia has made in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which come to a close in 2015:
i.    Zambia has already attained the primary education target with a 94 percent school enrollment rate; and
ii.   National HIV prevalence rate has also dramatically dropped to below the 15.6 percent MDG target.

However, the Hon Speaker stated that  Zambia still faces the challenges in meeting MDG targets on adult literacy; maternal and child mortality; sanitation; and attaining gender parity at many levels, including in higher education.

He concluded by saying that, “political leadership both at national and international levels should be accountable and responsible in order to uphold internationally-agreed goals such as the MDGs and fundamental human rights through legal and institutional reforms.”
The 132nd Assembly of the IPU that has gathered more than one thousand four hundred (1400) Delegates and accompanying persons from across the globe, will discuss the following topics in the  three Standing Committees:
i.    Cyber warfare: A Serious Threat to Peace and Global Security-Standing Committee on Peace and International Security;
ii.   Shaping a new System of Water Governance: Promoting parliamentary action on water –Standing Committee on Sustainable
iii.  International Law as It Relates to National Sovereignty, non-Intervention in the Internal Affairs of States and Human Rights- Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights

The Hon Speaker’s Delegation is among other things showcasing Zambia through a Stand that has been set up by staff from the National Assembly staff, Zambia Tourism Board, the Zambia News and Information Service, Mulungushi International Conference Centre  and  the 132 Vietnam National Organising Committee in preparation for Zambia to host the 134 IPU Assembly in Lusaka, from 19-23rd March, 2014.The Ministry of Local Government and Housing, the overseers of the Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC) which will be the main venue of the 134 IPU Assembly is also represented at the 132 Assembly in Hanoi.