Tuesday, 28th February, 2006

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W1 Dr Kalumba - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a) what is the percentage of the population residing within 50 kilometres of a hospital providing 24 hours emergency obstetric care in the following districts, taking into account the equity of access to cost effective quality health care:

(i) Sesheke; (ii) Kasempa;
(iii) Mbala; (iv) Petauke;
(v) Chienge; (vi) Kaputa;
(vii) Mpongwe; and (viii) Siavonga;

(b) what is the extent of economic constraint in accessing the following specific indicators for Chienge, Shangombo, Mufumbwe, Lusaka, Kitwe and Chililabombwe Districts:

(i) average total cost of professionally treated out-patient illness episode as a percentage of monthly per capita household income for consumers in the lowest per capita income quintile;

(ii) average total private cost of medicines for a typical out-patient illness episode as a percentage of monthly per capita household income of consumers in the lowest per capita quintile;
(iii) average fee charged per out-patient by the nearest Government health centre in these districts; and

(iv) average cost per day of hospitalization at the nearest Government hospital in each of these districts; and

(c) what is the ratio of the Gini co-efficient for public health care subsidies for central hospitals, provincial hospitals and district hospitals for all maternal and child health services in the following provinces:

(i) Lusaka; (ii) Luapula;
(iii) North-Western; (iv) Southern;
(v) Northern; and (vi) Eastern.

W2 Mr Sikota - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a) how much money has been allocated for the construction of a clinic in Simonga Ward in Livingstone;

(b) when these funds will be released and how soon thereafter will actual construction commence;

(c) how many people are likely to have access to the clinic;

(d) how many staff houses or accommodation units will be built for the employees of the clinic;

(e) whether the Government has started to procure equipment for the proposed clinic and, if not, when will this be done and what equipment this will be;

(f) whether the Government intends to provide an ambulance for the clinic;

(g) whether the clinic will have a mortuary built and ready at the opening of the Simonga clinic; and

(h) whether the Government will provide a generator for electricity to the proposed clinic and, if so, when.

W3 Mr Haakaloba - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) what are the minimum basic requirements for the establishment of the following:

(i) a community school; (ii) a middle basic school;
(ii) a basic school; and
(iv) a high school; and

(b) whether there are plans to open a boys high school in Magoye to alleviate the parents heavy burden of sending children to far-off high schools.

W4 Mr A M Chungu - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a) how much money ZAMSIF has disbursed to various projects, province by province; and

(b) whether the communities will be subjected to the same procedures of appraising projects when the Ministry of Local Government and Housing takes over from ZAMSIF.

W5 Mr Lubinda - to ask the Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development how many Zambian youth teams, organized by CBO’ s and NGO’ s, represented Zambia at international sports tournaments from 1990 to 2005.

W6 Mr Ntundu - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) how many private colleges in the country are recruiting primary and secondary school teachers;

(b) what are the minimum requirements to open a private college;

(c) how many students are currently being trained in these colleges;

(d) how many of them have graduated;

(e) how many have been employed; and

(f) how many students were admitted to colleges without minimum qualifications.


1 Supplementary Appropriation (2004) Bill (N.A.B. 1/2006)
Report Stage

2 Excess Expenditure Appropriation (2003) Bill (N.A.B. 2/2006)
Third Reading

3 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure (including Capital
and Constitutional and Statutory Expenditure):
Committee of Supply: Resumption of Debate:
(Head 14/01: under consideration):
(Mr Kangwa).

Heads 14/02, 14/03, 14/04, 14/05, 15/01, 15/02, 15/03, 15/04, 15/05, 15/06, 15/07, 15/08, 15/09, 15/10, 15/11, 15/12, 15/13, 15/14, 15/15, 15/16, 15/17, 15/18, 15/19, 15/20, 15/21, 15/22, 15/23, 15/24, 15/25, 15/26, 15/27, 15/28, 15/29, 15/30, 15/31, 15/32, 15/33, 15/34, 15/35, 15/36, 15/37, 15/38, 15/39, 15/40, 15/41, 15/42, 15/43, 15/44, 15/46, 15/47, 15/48, 15/49, 15/50, 15/51, 15/52, 15/53, 15/54, 15/55, 15/56, 15/57, 17/01, 17/02, 17/03, 17/04, 17/05, 17/06, 17/07, 17/08, 17/09, 17/10, 17/11, 17/12, 17/13, 17/15, 17/18, 17/20, 17/23, 17/24, 17/25, 17/26, 17/27, 17/28, 17/30, 17/31, 17/32, 17/33, 17/34, 17/35, 17/36, 17/37, 17/38, 17/39, 17/40, 17/41, 17/42, 17/43, 17/45, 18/01, 18/02, 18/03, 18/04, 18/05, 18/06, 18/07, 18/08, 18/10, 18/11, 18/12, 18/13, 18/14, 18/15, 18/16, 18/17, 18/18, 18/19, 18/20, 18/21, 18/22, 18/23, 18/24, 18/25, 18/26, 18/27 18/28, 18/29, 18/30, 18/31, 13/01, 13/02, 13/03, and 13/04, - for consideration.


Head 14 - Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development
Head 15 - Ministry of Home Affairs
Head 17 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Head 18 - Judiciary
Head 13 - Ministry of Energy and Water Development