Thursday, 16th July. 2009

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 AT 1430 HOURS



 240 Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a)  when science laboratories will be constructed at various basic schools in Kanchibiya Parliamentary Constituency;     and

(b)  how much the exercise will cost.

241 Mr Malama (Mfuwe) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development when the following places in Mfuwe Parliamentary Constituency will be electrified:

(i)   Katibunga High School;

(ii)   Chief Nabwalya’s Palace; and

(iii)   Chief Mukungule’s Palace.

242 Mr Mushili (Ndola Central) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply:

(a)   when the rehabilitation of the Fitente and Macha roads in Ndola Central Parliamentary Constituency was last budgeted for;

(b)  when the contractor for the roads mentioned above moved to site; and

(c)  when the works on the roads at (a) above will be completed.

243 Dr Kalumba (Chienge) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)  how many productive boreholes were sunk in Chienge District under the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) programme in 2007 and 2008, year by year; and

(b)  what the critical mass of boreholes needed to meet the demand for clean potable water in Chienge District is.

244 Mrs Mwamba (Lukashya) - to ask the Minister of Gender and Women in Development what linkages the ministry has made with other ministries, such as the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, to ensure that women in need, especially in the rural areas, access loans under the Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund.

245 Mr Chongo (Mwense) - to ask the Minister of Community Development and Social Services:

(a) what the social vulnerability rate for the community in Mwense District is and what measures have been taken to avert the situation;

(b) what the staff establishment for both the Community Development and Social Welfare Departments in Mwense District is;

(c)  what the current staffing levels are in both Departments at (b) above;

(d)  what mode of transport the officers above use in undertaking their duties; and

(e)  whether the mode of transport used by the officers above is sufficient to meet the current needs.

246 Mr Milupi (Luena) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply when the following roads in Luena Parliamentary Constituency will be gravelled:

(i)  Miulwe-Nangula;

(ii) Limulunga-Ushaa-Kaate;

(iii) Malala-Ndanda-Simaa-Sitoya;

(iv) Ilunda-Ikabako; and

(v)  Luongo-Kasheke-Maonga.

247 Mr Sing’ombe (Dundumwezi) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives:

(a)  how many veterinary officers were stationed in Dundumwezi Parliamentary Constituency as of 31st December, 2008, ward by ward; and

(b) when the extension officer in the Chilala Agricultural Block in Dundumwezi Parliamentary Constituency will be accommodated.

248 Mr Kasongo (Bangweulu) - to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport when a new and bigger boat will be procured for Bangweulu Water Transport Company.

249 Mr Msichili (Kabushi) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a) when the Government will construct a modern market at Main Masala in Kabushi Parliamentary Constituency; and

(b) when the Government will rehabilitate the following markets:

(i)  Mine Masala;

(ii) Kabushi; and

(iii) Lubuto.

250 Mr Kakoma (Zambezi West) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a) what the total establishment of medical doctors, clinical officers and nurses at Zambezi District Hospital is;

(b) whether all the positions are filled up; and

(c) if not, what measures have been taken to ensure that the hospital has adequate medical personnel.

251 Mr F R Tembo (Nyimba) - to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport what measures have been taken to reduce the increasing number of road traffic accidents on the Great East Road.

252 Dr Chishya (Pambashe) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives:

(a)  how many varieties of the following indigenous non-hybrid type of seeds is the Ministry engaged in stocking and extension work, name by name:

(i)  grains;

(ii)  pulses;

(iii) tubers and roots;

(iv) vegetables; and

(v) fruits; and

(b) which of the types at (a) are commonly cultivated in Zambia and have export potential.

253 Mr Kambwili (Roan) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a)  how many university graduates are employed in the Zambia Prisons Service and what positions they hold; and

(b)  what plans does the Ministry have to attract more university graduates into the Prisons Service.

254 Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Labour and Social Security:

(a)  how much money has the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) invested in the Lotto Company;

(b)  who authorised the investing of NAPSA funds into the Company;

(c)  how much profit has been made on the Lotto investment from inception to-date; and

(d)   whether there are any plans to continue with the NAPSA investment in the Lotto Company.


The Vice President and Minister of Justice

The Notaries Public and Notarial Functions (Amendment) - Bill to amend the Notaries and Notarial Functions Act. (N.A.B. 17/2009)

The Minister of Community Development and Social Services

The Non-Governmental Organisations - Bill to provide for the co-ordination and registration of non-governmental organisations; establish the Non-Governmental Organisations’ Registration Board and the Zambia Congress of Non-Governmental Organisations; constitute the Council of Non-Governmental Organisations; enhance the transparency, accountability and performance of non-governmental organisations; and provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing. (N.A.B. 21/2009)

The Minister of Health

The Health Professions - Bill to continue the existence of the Medical Council of Zambia and rename it as the Health Professions Council of Zambia; provide for the registration of health practitioners and regulate their professional conduct; provide for the licensing of health facilities and the accreditation of health care services provided by health facilities; provide for the recognition and approval of training programmes for health practitioners; repeal the Medical and Allied Professions Act, 1977; and provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.      (N.A.B. 26/2009)


Mr C K B Banda, SC

Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee:  That this House do adopt the Report of the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to scrutinise the Presidential appointment of Lt. Col. Godfrey Robert Kayukwa as Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Commission, for the Third Session of the Tenth National Assembly, laid on the Table of the House on 30 April, 2009.