Tuesday, 29th September, 2009

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AT 1430HRS



41 Mr Chazangwe (Choma Central) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) whether there are incentives for newly trained and recruited teachers to work in rural schools and, if so,what these incentives are; and

(b) whether there are any plans to improve the salary scales of teachers in rural schools as opposed to paying them rural hardship allowances.

42  Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)    how much money Ecobank has earmarked for investment in  Zambia;

(b)    how many branches the bank will open country-wide;

(c)    how many jobs are likely to be created;

(d)    how many of these jobs will be reserved for expatriates;and

(e)    who the shareholders of the bank are.

43    Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) - to ask the Minister of Gender and Women in Development:

(a)    how many girls were defiled by their biological fathers from 2005 to 2009 i

(i)    Lusaka;

(ii)    Ndola

(iii)    Kitwe;

(iv)    Livingstone;

(v)    Choma; and

(vi)    Mufulira; and

(b)    how many parents at (a) were arrested and successfully prosecuted.

44    Mr C K Banda (Chasefu) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a)    why only one new teacher was allocated to Lundazi District in 2009 which has a poor teacher/pupil ratio of 1 to 69;

(b)    how many teachers were transferred from Lundazi District to other parts of the country in 2009; and

(c)    whether the transferred teachers at (b) were all replaced.

45    Mr Beene (Itezhi-tezhi) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a)    when the Government will start constructing residential houses for police officers in Itezhi-tezhi District; and

(b)    what the total number of the planned houses above is.

46    Ms Limata (Luampa) - to ask the Minister of Education when the construction of the following basic schools in Luampa Parliamentary Constituency will be completed:

(a)    Namasheshe;

(b)    Chacha; and

(c)    Mulumbwa.

47    Mr C Mulenga (Chinsali Central) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives how many commercial farmers there were in Chinsali District as of January, 2009, and what crops they grew.

48    Mr C Mulenga (Chinsali Central) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development whether the Government has any plans to construct a dam on Lubu River between Fonkofonko bridge and Mweye bridge to enable Chinsali township residents and surrounding areas have access to adequate water for various purposes.

49    Mr Kambwili (Roan) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development how many tonnes of copper concentrate, copper ore and copper cathodes were exported between January and June, 2009 by the following mining companies:

(a)    Mopani;

(b)    Konkola;

(c)    Lumwana;

(d)    Luanshya;

(e)    Chambishi; and

(f)    Chibuluma.

50    Mrs E M Banda (Chililabombwe) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs how many female detainees delivered in police cells from January, 2006 to August, 2009, year by year.

51    Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development:

(a)    how much profit, after tax, each of the following companies made as of December, 2008:

(i)    Konkola Copper Mines Plc; and

(ii)    Mopani Copper Mines Plc;

(b)    what the expected profit for each of the companies in 2009 is; and

(c)    whether the companies above intend to retrench employees in 2009, and, if so, how many.

52    Mr Mwapela (Kalabo Central) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development how much oil and gas reserves are in the following provinces:

(a)    Eastern;

(b)    North-Western; and

(c)    Western.

53    Mrs R M Musokotwane (Katombola)- to ask the Minister of Education:

(a)    how many teachers were recruited for rural schools from 2007 to 2008;

(b)    of the number at (a), how many failed to take up their position as of 31st December, 2008; and

(c)    of the number at (b), how many had been posted to Katombola Parliamentary Constituency.

54 Mr E C Mwansa (Chifunabuli) - to ask the Minister of Lands when the Ministry will undertake a comprehensive land survey country-wide to ensure that people in rural areas start obtaining title deeds which could be used to access funding.

55  Dr Chishya (Pambashe) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a)    when the cells at Mushota Police Post will be rehabilitated; and

(b)    when water and sanitary facilities will be provided to the residences at the police post.


1    Thanks - His Excellency the President’s Address - Motion (22nd September) - Resumption of Debate - (Mr D Mwila).