Tuesday, 23rd March, 2010

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415    Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)    how much money will be spent on the construction of houses at Southview Residential Estate in Lilayi area by Oxford Marketing Company;

(b)    how many houses will be constructed;

(c)    when the project will be completed; and

(d)    what the source of funding is.

416    Mr Katuka (Mwinilunga East) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply when the following roads in Mwinilunga East Parliamentary Constituency will be repaired:

(a)    Luakela-Kakoma;
(b)    Mwinilunga-Kanyama;
(c)    Ntambu-Makanu; and

(d)    Chibwika-Kamapanda.


 W27    Mr Shakafuswa (Katuba) - to the Vice President and Minister of Justice:

(a)      how much money was released to the Rural Road Unit in Central Province in the 2009 Budget for road maintenance; and

(b)      how was the money distributed, district by district.

W28   Mr Simuusa (Nchanga) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development:

(a)      how many companies the Government has engaged to undertake oil explorations country-wide and what their names are;

(b)      whether ZCCM-Investment Holdings is participating in the oil explorations; and

(c)      whether any oil has been discovered in the country and, if so, in which area and province.

W29   Mr Simuusa (Nchanga) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)     how much stock of ZCCM Investment Holdings (IH) shareholding is quoted on the Lusaka Stock Exchange Market;

(b)     how much was paid by ZCCM-IH as dividends to its shareholders from 2006 to-date by shareholder and by year;

(c)     whether there are any outstanding dividends due to shareholders from 2006 to 2009; and

(d)     what measures the Government and ZCCM-IH have taken to ensure that minority shareholders are protected.

W30  Mr Simuusa (Nchanga) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development:

(a)    in which mines the ZCCM-Investment Holdings holds shares, mine by mine;

(b)    what the net income was in those mines from 2006 to-date, mine by mine;

(c)    how much money ZCCM-IH received, as dividends, from 2006 to-date, by year and by mine;

(d)    whether there are any accrued dividends unpaid by any of the mines from 2006 to 2009; and

(e)    what measures the Government and ZCCM-IH have taken to recover the moneys at (d).

W31  Mr Simuusa (Nchanga) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)    how much money ZCCM-Investment Holdings received as price participation, from 2006 to-date, by year and by mine; and

(b)    whether there are any outstanding moneys due to ZCCM-IH from 2006 to 2009 as price participation from any of the mines.

W32  Mr Simuusa (Nchanga) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a)    what the teacher housing requirement is, province by province; and

(b)    what the current shortfall is, province by province.

W33  Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a)    how many health posts, in Northern Province, are currently manned by qualified medical personnel; and

(b)    how many of these had Medical Doctors as Officers-in-Charge as of 30th June, 2009.

W34 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a)   how many private hospitals there were in Zambia as of 30th January, 2009, province by province; and

(b)   what the bed space at the following hospitals currently is:

(i)     University Teaching Hospital;
(ii)    Kitwe Central;
(iii)   Ndola Central; and
(iv)  Kasama General.

W35 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Lands:

(a)    how many farmers applied for title deeds in Chilubi District from 2003 to June, 2009;

(b)   of the total applicants above, how many have obtained title deeds to-date; and

(c)   what are the Government plans on the vast tracks of land currently unutilised between the following Districts:

(i)    Serenje and Mpika;
(ii)   Serenje and Samfya; and
(iii)   Mpika and Kasama.

W36 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)    how much money the following Councils raised, in the form of property rates, from 2007 to 2009, year by year:

(i)     Lusaka City;
(ii)    Ndola City;
(iii)   Kitwe City;
(iv)  Livingstone City;
(v)   Chienge District; and
(vi)  Chilubi District; and

(b)    why local authorities continue to pay auditors from the Ministry Headquarters who audit Council books, especially Constituency Development Funds.


The Minister of Finance and National Planning

The Supplementary Appropriation (2008) - Bill to confirm the supplementary expenditure of moneys aggregating one trillion, two hundred and seventy-four billion, six hundred and fifty-four million, ninety-seven thousand, two hundred and forty-one kwacha required for the services of the Republic during the financial year ended on 31st December, 2008.    (N.A.B. 21/2010)

1    The Patents and Companies Registration                                                                   (N.A.B. 5/2010)
    Agency Bill                                                                                                                    Second Reading                                             
2    The Companies (Amendment) Bill                                                                               (N.A.B. 2/2010)
                                                                                                                                          Second Reading

3    The Patents (Amendment) Bill                                                                                     (N.A.B. 3/2010)
                                                                                                                                          Second Reading

4    The Trademarks (Amendment) Bill                                                                              (N.A.B. 4/2010)
                                                                                                                                          Second Reading

5    The Registration of Business Names                                                                          (N.A.B. 15/2010)
      (Amendment) Bill                                                                                                         Second Reading

6    The Registered Designs (Amendment) Bill                                                                  (N.A.B. 16/2010)                                                                                                                                            Second Reading

7    The Companies (Certificates Validation)   (Amendment) Bill                                       (N.A.B. 17/2010)
                                                                                                                                          Second Reading

8    The National Constitution Conference                                                                         (N.A.B. 13/2010)
     (Amendment) Bill                                                                                                          Second Reading                                                           

9   The Zambia Development Agency (Amendment) Bill                                                   (N.A.B. 1/2010)                                                                                                                                                      Committe Stage                                                                                                                                                                                       
10  The Engineering Institution of Zambia Bill                                                                    (N.A.B. 7/2010)
                                                                                                                                          Committee Stage
11  The Information and Communication Technologies (Amendment) Bill                         (N.A.B 8/2010)                                                                                                                                                                           Committee Stage