Thursday, 1st March, 2012

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142    Mr Sianga (Sesheke) - to ask the Minister of Education, Science and Vocational Training:

(a)    whether the Ministry is aware that health authorities in Sesheke District have ordered the closure of Sesheke High School effective 31st March, 2012, on account of poor sanitation; and

(b)    whether the Ministry is aware that the ablution blocks at Sesheke Basic School which cater for a population of more than 2000 pupils have been closed down thereby compelling the school to use only 2 x 2 Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines (VIPs).

143    Mr Mufalali (Senanga) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock what measures are taken to assist people whose livelihood depends on fishing, during the country-wide fish ban periods.

144    Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock:

(a)    how many fish breeding centres are found in the Bangweulu Swamps and what their names are; and

(b)    what measures the Government has taken to protect:

(i)    the breeding centres; and

(ii)    the fingerlings from extinction.

145    Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock:

(a)    whether the Government has any plans to utilise the plains of Chilubi District which cover almost 25 per cent of the total area of the entire District; and

(b)    if so, what the plans are.

146    Mr Chitotela (Pambashe) - to ask the Vice President:

(a)    how much money the Government spent on the billboards bearing the portrait of the 4th Republican President that were put up country-wide in 2011;

(b)    whether the funds in (a) above were provided for in the 2011 national  budget;

(c)    whether tender procedures were followed in awarding the contracts to put up the billboards; and

(d)    which companies were contracted to put up the billboards.

147    Mr Mwanza (Solwezi West) - to ask the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry when the Government will facilitate the construction of a shopping mall at Manyama area in Solwezi West Parliamentary Constituency.

148    Mr Mwanza (Solwezi West) - to ask the Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Labour:

(a)    how many people were employed in both the formal and informal sectors in the country as of 30th June, 2011; and

(b)    what practical measures the Ministry has taken to facilitate the creation of jobs by the private sector.

149    Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs whether the Zambia Police Force has any plans to introduce an effective system of collecting and accounting for the moneys collected as fines imposed on motorists driving defective motor vehicles.

150    Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry:

(a)    whether the Government is aware that some building materials that are imported into Zambia are of sub-standard quality; and

(b)    if so, what measures are being taken to correct the situation.

151    Mr Miyanda (Mapatizya) - to ask the Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication:

(a)    when the Kabanga – Mapatizya road in Kalomo District will be tarred; and

(b)    when the following roads in Mapatizya Parliamentary Constituency will be graded:

(i)     Luyaba – Mufumba;
(ii)    Zimba – Muzya;
(iii)   Chinkoyo – Mulamfu;
(iv)  Chidi – Mafuta;
(v)   Kabanga – Siamafumba;
(vi)  Jokwe – Siejumba;
(vii)  Mapatizya Mines – Kamukeza (Malaba);
(viii) Simalundu – Siamafumba; and
(ix)  Luyaba – Njabalombe.

152     Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock how much money was spent on trips to the following countries for international conferences by the Minister and the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development in 2010:

(a)    the United Kingdom;

(b)    Italy;

(c)    Germany;

(d)    South Africa; and

(e)    The Gambia.


W8    Mr Mwanza (Solwezi West) - to ask the Minister of Lands, Energy and Water Development when the electrification of the following institutions in Solwezi West Parliamentary Constituency will be completed:

(a)    Kyansununu Basic School;

(b)    Kamiba Middle Basic School;

(c)    Mwajimambwe Basic School;

(d)    Tundula Basic School;

(e)    Mbulungu Basic School;

(f)    Kayonge Basic School;

(g)    Kananga Basic School;

(h)    Maheba Secondary School;

(i)    Old Matebo Basic School;

(j)    Mwafwe Basic School;

(k)    Muyashi Basic School;

(l)    Kamano Basic School:

(m)    Chief Matebo’s palace; and

(n)    All basic schools in Maheba Resettlement Area.

W9    Mr Mwanza (Solwezi West) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a)    what the total number of medical doctors in North-Western Province is currently, hospital by hospital;

(b)    of the doctors above, how many are expatriates;

(c)    what the doctor-patient ratio in the Province is;

(d)    when the new Lumwana Hospital will be opened to the public; and

(e)    what the full staff compliment at the Hospital will be.