Wednesday, 27th June, 2012

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365    Mr Katuka (Mwinilunga) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)    of the total amount of money appropriated by Parliament for the 2011 financial year, how much was actually released to the spending agencies;

(b)    of the amount released, how much was returned to the Treasury at the end of the 2011 financial year;

(c)    which spending agencies returned the money to the Treasury; and

(d)    what the reasons for failing to spend the money were.

366    Mr Chingimbu (Kabompo East) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)    whether the Government has plans to replace the “Keep Zambia Clean” campaign vehicles;

(b)    when new Constituency Development Fund guidelines will be distributed to all Members of Parliament; and

(c)    when the Integrated Development Plan for Manyinga will be implemented.

367    Mr Njeulu (Sinjembela) - to ask the Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education why construction projects at the following basic schools in Shangombo District were abandoned despite Government having released funds:

(a)    Lilongo;

(b)    Liyuwayuwa;

(c)    Lyamaya;

(d)    Mboiwa;

(e)    Mengo;

(f)    Beshe;

(g)    Nalwamba;

(h)    Lwanda Masiala; and

(i)    Mwanambao.

368    Mr Kapyanga (Kabwe Central) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing what measures the Ministry has taken to sensitise marketeers country-wide on fire prevention methods in markets in view of the many fire outbreaks that have occurred in the past.

369    Ms Imenda (Luena) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)    how much money, in British Pounds, was held in the Treasury of the Barotse Native Authority at independence in 1964 and was later transferred to the Treasury of the Government of the Republic of Zambia; and

(b)    how much money was held in the Treasuries of other native authorities, province by province.

370    Mr Muntanga (Kalomo Central) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a)    when the main steam laundry building, which was gutted by fire a few years ago at the University Teaching Hospital, will be renovated; and

(b)    why the area surrounding the building at (a) above is not maintained.

371    Ms Kalima (Kasenengwa) - to ask the Vice President:

(a)    what the qualifications required for entry into the following salary scales for public workers are:

(i)    GSS 01; and
(ii)    GSS 02 – GSS 08; and

(b)    in which salary scale District Commissioners fall.

372    Mr Kalaba (Bahati) - to ask the Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Labour when the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation will begin airing news on an hourly basis instead of the traditional 1900 hours.

373    Dr Kazonga (Vubwi) - to ask the Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education:

(a)    when the construction of Kapekesa Basic School in Chasefu Parliamentary Constituency, which commenced in 2008, will be completed;

(b)    when a secondary school will be built in the Constituency; and

(c)    whether there are any plans to upgrade Chasefu Basic School into a secondary school and, if so, when the plans will be implemented.

374    Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry:

(a)    how many valuation assessments have been conducted on houses belonging to the former Kafue Textiles of Zambia (KTZ) Limited;

(b)    whether former workers of KTZ Limited will be allowed to buy the KTZ Limited houses as sitting tenants; and

(c)    if so, on which valuation report will the sale of the houses be based.



Mr Mulusa

Establish a National Institution for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:  That in view of the inadequate economic beneficiation from previously implemented national policies since independence, this House urges the Government to establish a national institution, in the Office of the President, to monitor the performance and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of Government policies.

Mr V Mwale

Report of the Public Accounts Committee:  That this House do adopt the Report of the Public Accounts Committee on the Report of the Auditor-General for 2009 on the Accounts of Parastatal Bodies, for the First Session of the Eleventh National Assembly, laid on the Table of the House on 14th June, 2012.

1    The Persons with Disabilities Bill                                                                                                     (N.A.B. 4/2012)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Report Stage