Administration and HR


The Administration and Human Resource Department acts as a bridge between the National Assembly management and the employees.  In the absence of a Trade Union to cater for employee’s interests, the department balances the interests of the institution and employees.  The Department advises the Hon Mr Speaker on matters pertaining to personnel and administration through the Clerk


The Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of the institution’s human resources through the following activities:

Recruitment and placement
Processing of normal annual increments of salaries
Promotions and demotions
Leave administration
Processing of loans and advances
Discipline and grievance handling
Administration of staff welfare
Secretarial services
Health services    
Personnel records management
Provision of communication services (postal and telephone) in liaison with the Zambia Postal Services and Zamtel.

The Administration and Human Resources department operates through the following sections:

Human Resource Management;
Central Registry;
Purchasing Section;
National Assembly Clinic; and
National Assembly Post Office

Human Resource Management Section

General Human Resources

  1. Recruitment and General Staff Movement;
  2. Salary Administration;
  3. Benefits Administration;
  4. Industrial Relations;
  5. Staff Performance Management;
  6. Staff Pension Scheme;
  7. Staff Development; and
  8. Staff Medical Scheme.

Office Of the Senior Administrative Officer

Services offered to MPs

  1. Facilitates funeral services when an MP dies;
  2. Transfer of body to funeral parlor;
  3. Payment of service at the parlor;
  4. Purchase of coffin;
  5. Transportation of body to place of burial;
  6. Meet expenses for the Hon. Mr Speaker’s delegation to the funeral;
  7. Clearance of MP’s personal file in readiness for payment of benefits; and
  8. Attends to queries that relatives and administrators of estates have vis-avis the estates of the deceased Members of Parliament.

Services Offered by the Switchboard

  1. Local (Lusaka) – free;
  2. Trunk and international calls - billed based on the ZAMTEL rates; and
  3. Cell phone calls are billed.

Central Registry Section

The Registry is a specialised office which receives, classifies records, distributes, stores, and retrieves information.

Services offered to MP’s;

  1. Sale of NOTICES OF QUESTIONS to MP’s intending to ask questions for oral answers. 10 copies at K1000;
  2. After writing the question, the form is taken to the Journals and Table Office for consideration;
  3. Personal mail for MP’s are received by the Registry and sent to their respective pigeon holes located at the Committee rooms;
  4. Members of Parliament take all official correspondence which require management attention to the Registry for placement on their individual files for processing;
  5. Provides printing services for official documents related to Parliamentary work only (1 to 10 copies); and
  6. Order Paper and the Votes and proceedings are printed in the Registry, including amendments arising from Parliamentary Debates.

Secretarial Services Section

  1. Secretaries are attached to all departments of the National Assembly;
  2. MP’s are serviced by secretarial staff in the Members Pool located on the same floor as the Chamber; 
  3. The Members’ Pool was established in order to provide in-house secretarial services to Hon Members of Parliament when the House is sitting.  This is to enable Members of Parliament to concentrate on parliamentary work without having to worry about finding secretarial services outside Parliament;
  4. National Assembly Secretaries attached to the Members’ Pool are responsible for typing official work only when the House is sitting;
  5. MP’s who wish to have official work done for them are requested to take their work to the Members’ Pool; and

House-Keeping Section

The Housekeeping Section provides a clean and safe environment for all Member of Parliament and staff to be able to work comfortably.

Services provided:

  1. Provides safe and clean bottled drinking water in the Chamber and Committee rooms during the sittings of the House;
  2. Maintains toilet facilities;
  3. Cleans the main reception and the Chamber reception which provide comfortable sitting space on the Ground floor and first floor respectively; and
  4. Cleans the Members’ pool and the office for Government officials that may be used by Members of Parliament for various meetings.

National Assembly Clinic Section

The National Assembly clinic has been in operation since 1974.  It was established to provide first line medical care to Hon. MP’s and staff


  1. MP’s, their spouses and biological children below 21 years;
  2. Members of staff, their spouses and biological children below 21 years; and
  3. All Members of Parliament are required to obtain a medical card from the National Assembly clinic in which they should provide information of their immediate family members for the purpose of opening of their clinic file.

Working hours

  1. 08:00 to 1700 hrs;
  2. 08:00 hrs to adjournment time when the House is sitting; and
  3. Closed during weekends and public holidays.

Services Offered

The Outpatient services:

  1. General medical screening for illnesses of both adults and children;
  2. Treatment of minor and less severe illnesses;
  3. Minor surgical operations;
  4. Testing for malaria, sugar, urinalysis;
  5. Maternal and child health services for female MPs and staff;
  6. General counseling;
  7. Family planning; and
  8. Health education.

HIV/AIDS Services

In response to the challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the National Assembly of Zambia has put in place the following mitigating measures:

  1. HIV/AIDS Committee;
  2. National Assembly HIV/AIDS Policy to help provide institutional guidelines in the fight against HIV/AIDS;
  3. Offer Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV to MPs and staff and their immediate families;
  4. Provide Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) to MPs and staff and their immediate families who qualify; and
  5. Treatment of Opportunistic Infections.

The VIP Fast Track Clinic

HON MP’s can enroll with the VIP Fast Track Specialist Clinic at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH);

Conditions :

  1. The Medical Scheme is administered by the University Teaching Hospital through the VIP Fast Track Specialist Clinic;
  2. Caters for Hon Members of Parliament and their spouses only;
  3. The Scheme operates on a cost-sharing basis;
  4. MP- 20% of the total medical bills;
  5. National Assembly - 80% of the total bill;
  6. The 20% is recovered from the Hon Member’s emoluments.
  7. Scheme is optional
  8. Further clarification on how the scheme is operated and any other medical related information can be obtained from the National Assembly Clinic.

National Assembly Post Office Section

The National Assembly Post Office is located on the second floor of the Main Parliament Building;

  1. Open from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs, Monday to Friday; and
  2. 0800 hrs to adjournment time when the House is sitting.

            Services Offered

  1. Traditional Postage
  2. E-Post
  3. Parcel post
  4. Ordinary Express mail
  5. Money orders
  6. Postal orders
  7. Western Union
  8. State lottery
  9. Mobile phone air time