Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the Right Honourable Nelly Butete Kashumba Mutti, MP, FAPRA, has initiated the “Speaker’s Plant a Tree Challenge” and has encouraged the Members of Parliament, staff of the National Assembly and the country at large to actively engage in tree planting activities in a bid to fight the negative effects of climate change.

Speaker Mutti said the initiative not only aims to green the landscape but also to instill a sense of environmental consciousness among the citizens, encouraging them to act within their capacities to combat climate change. She said this during the launch of the “Speaker’s Plant a Tree Challenge,” at the Speaker’s residence in Makeni on Monday, 4th March, 2024.

The Honourable Speaker highlighted the recent loss of one million hectares of maize arising from the drought, a testament to the fact that the country is experiencing a serious challenge and in need of everyone's concerted efforts to fight climate change.

” It was very promising, we thought we are going to have a good crop but because of this drought we are not, that is why my household and I, have decided to start this initiative called the ‘Speaker’s plant a tree challenge which I am extending to every Zambian citizen to join in this vital endeavor,” she said.

Speaker Mutti said the campaign will serve as a beacon of hope and a model of proactive engagement in addressing climate change. She stressed that every individual and institution have a role to play in ensuring a sustainable future for the generations to come.

The honourable Speaker urged the public to refrain from tree cutting for charcoal production and encouraged the exploration of alternative income generating activities that do not involve deforestation. Furthermore, she emphasized the need to educate people, including children, about tree planting and underscored the significance of everyone’s contribution, regardless of age or background, in preserving the environment.

Speaking at the occasion, Mkushi North Member of Parliament, Honourable Christopher Chibuye said that the tree planting exercise must be embraced by all if the environment was to be preserved. He noted that without trees, climate change would continue to impact the country negatively through adverse drought.

Meanwhile, Serenje Central Member of Parliament honourable George Kandafula emphasized the significance of tree-planting initiatives in densely populated areas, highlighting their potential for significant environmental impact. Additionally, Honourable Kandafula stressed the economic benefits of planting diverse fruit trees and the importance of educating all community members to garner widespread support.

And Pemba law maker Honourable Lameck Hamwaata called for collaboration across different groups, emphasizing inclusivity and encouraged collective action in environmental initiatives.

The "Speaker’s Plant a Tree Challenge" spearheaded by Honourable Mutti signifies a significant step towards environmental conservation and climate resilience in Zambia.

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