Report of The Committee on Legal Affairs, Governance, Human Rights And Gender Matters on The Electoral Process Bill N.A.B. No 35 of 2016

Report Summary

The objects of the Electoral Process Bill are to provide for a comprehensive for the process for general election; provide for the conduct of elections by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and empower the Commission to make regulations in matters relating to elections; provide for the registration of voters and the keeping of voters registers; prescribe the procedures for nominations for elections; provide for the role of presiding officers, election officers and conflict management officers; prescribe the procedure for voting during an election; provide for the accreditation and roles of observers and monitors; criminalise corrupt practices and their illegal practices related to elections and provide for penalties in connection with an election; provide for election petitions and the hearing and determination of applications relating to a general election; provide for voter education; prescribe the electoral code of conduct; and repeal and replace the Electoral Act No. 12 of 2006.