Thursday, 17th July, 2014

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611    Mr Matafwali (Bangweulu) - to ask the Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development:

(a)    what the findings of the forensic audit into the operations of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Plc are;

(b)    whether the Company operates within the legal framework relating to mining in the country; and

(c)    if not, what measures will be taken to ensure that all mining companies operate within legal parameters for mining activities.

612    Mr Ng’onga (Kaputa) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock what measures the Government has taken to conserve the fish in Lake Mweru-
Wantipa in Kaputa Parliamentary Constituency.

613    Mr Mbulakulima (Chembe) - to ask the Vice President:
(a)    when and where the following Statesmen died:

(i)    Mr Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe; and
(ii)    Mr Harry Mwaanga NKumbula;

(b)    whether the Statesmen were accorded State funerals and, if not, why; and

(c)    if the Statesmen were accorded State funerals, how many days of national mourning were observed for each Statesman.

614    Mr Chitafu (Kafulafuta) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:
(a)    whether the Ministry is aware that Masaiti District Council only received the 2013 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in January, 2014;

(b)    whether the Ministry is aware that the Council has not yet implemented the 2012 CDF projects; and

(c)    what measures will be taken to ensure timely release of the CDF in future.

615    Mr Lufuma (Kabompo West) - to ask the Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health:

(a)    when construction of the Ndungo Rural Health Centre in Kabompo District will commence; and

(b)    what the time-frame for undertaking the project is.

616    Mr Chishimba (Kamfinsa) - to ask the Minister of Finance:

(a)    what led to the drastic depreciation of the Kwacha against the US Dollar towards the end of March, 2014;

(b)    what the major effects of the depreciation on the economy were; and

(c)    besides the revocation of Statutory Instruments Nos. 33 of 2012 and 55 of 2013, what long-term measures have been taken to ensure a stable Kwacha.

617    Mr P Phiri (Mkaika) - to ask the Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education:

(a)    when construction of Makombele and Ngombayela Secondary Schools in Mkaika Parliamentary Constituency will commence; and

(b)    what has caused the delay in commencing the project.

618    Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a)    whether the height of a potential officer in the Zambia Police Force is still a qualification for recruitment; and

(b)    whether the Zambia Police Force has any plans to introduce mobile police service in remote areas of the country.

619    Mr Ng’onga (Kaputa) - to ask the Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication:

(a)    when a bridge on the Lufubu River in Mpulungu Parliamentary Constituency will be constructed; and

(b)    whether the Government has any plans to rehabilitate the Mpulungu-Nsumbu Road via Lufubu Bridge.

620    Mr Miyutu (Kalabo Central) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock:
(a)    what the estimated population of village chickens country-wide was as of April, 2014;

(b)    what the benefits of village chickens in terms of uplifting standards of living, are; and

(c)    what measures the Government has taken to promote and encourage the rearing of village chickens especially among the peasant farmers.


The Minister of Finance

The Excess Expenditure Appropriation (2011) - Bill to approve the excess expenditure of monies aggregating four hundred and fifty-six million, fourteen thousand and seventy kwacha.                                                                                                              (N.A.B. 3/2014)

The Minister of Finance

The Supplementary Appropriation (2012) – Bill to confirm the supplementary expenditure of monies aggregating two billion, seven hundred and fifty-five million, six hundred and forty thousand, nine hundred and fifty-four kwacha, required for the services of the Republic during the financial year ended on 31st December, 2012.    (N.A.B. 2/2014)


1    The Zambia Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Bill    (N.A.B. 1/2014)
                                                                                                           Committee Stage