Parliamentary Reforms and Modernisation Committee

Committee Type: 

Functions of the Committee

Functions of the Committee: 
  1. The Parliamentary Reforms and Modernisation Committee consists of ten members appointed by the Speaker at the commencement of every session.  The quorum of the Committee is four.
  2.  In addition to any other duties placed upon it by any Standing or  other Orders of the Assembly, the duties of the Parliamentary Reforms and Modernisation Committee are to examine and propose reforms to the powers, procedures, practices, organisation and facilities of the National Assembly, provided that in proposing such reforms, the Committee shall bear in mind the balance of power between the respective constitutional responsibilities, roles of the National Assembly and the Government and the duties of other House-keeping Committees.  The Committee has power, when considered necessary, to adjourn and travel from place to place inside and outside Zambia to solicit information and seek evidence on the matters under examination, and enjoys the powers, rights privileges and immunities provided to the Committees of the House by the Standing Orders and, in its report to the House, the Committee is empowered to include recommendations as to the implementation of any reforms proposed in such reports.