The National Health Research

Act Number: 
Act number 2 of 2013

Date of Assent: 21st March 2013

An Act to establish the National Health Research Authority and provide for its functions and powers; establish the National Health Research Ethics Board and provide for its functions and powers;  provide a regulatory framework for the development , regulation, financing and coordination of health research and ensure the development of consistent health research standards and guidelines for ethically sound health research; provide for the establishment of health research ethics committees and the regulation and management of research institutions, health researchers and health establishments involved in or undertaking research; provide regulation for biological material for health research;provide for ethical approval  for the conduct of clinical trials; provide for the use of traditional , complementary and alternative medicines in health research;  provide for data management and intellectual property rights in health research;  provide for the designation of bio banks; provide for matters connected with , or incidental to, the foregoing.

ENACTED By the Parliament of Zambia

Acts of Parliament (Post 1997)