Wednesday, 8th June, 2011

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458 Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Gender and Women in Development:

 (a) how many hammer mills were procured by the Ministry for country-wide distribution in 2010;

 (b) how much money was spent on the exercise above;

 (c) what the intended goal of procuring the said hammer mills
  is; and

 (d) whether this programme will continue in the future.

459 Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma)  - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing when heaps of garbage at Soweto Market and around the Central Business District of Lusaka will be collected and disposed of.

460 Mr Ntundu (Gwembe) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development when the following schools in Gwembe District will be electrified under the Rural Electrification Programme:

(a) Nakanjele;

(b) Jongola;

(c) Makuyu;

(d) Sinafala; and

(e) Bbondo.

461 Mr Mwenya (Nkana) - to ask the Minister of Health whether the Government has any plans of:

(a) constructing a second hospital in Kitwe to cater for a large population requiring health care; and

(b) upgrading the Mindolo 1 Clinic to a mini-hospital and, if so, what the estimated cost of upgrading the clinic is.

462 Mr Simama (Kalulushi) - to ask the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives why operations at Chapula Irrigation Centre in Lufwanyama District were stopped.

463 Mr Mukanga (Kantanshi) - to ask the Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development:

(a) how many Zambian boxers won international titles between January, 2006 and March, 2011; and

(b) whether there were any boxers who were stripped of their titles and, if so, for what reasons.

464 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a) how many foreign nationals were arrested for drug
trafficking in Zambia from January, 2010 to March, 2011;

(b) what the nationalities of those arrested at (a) above were;

(c) how many were successfully convicted as of 31st March,
2011; and

(d) what Zambia’s rating with regard to drug trafficking at international level is.

465 Col G Chanda (Kanyama) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a) whether the outbreak of polio in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where even adults were being vaccinated against the disease as reported in the press in April, 2011 had any spill over effects in Zambia; and

(b) if not, what measures the Government has taken to ensure that the disease does not spill over into Zambia.

466 Mr Lubinda (Kabwata) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing how much money was owed to local authorities country-wide by the following institutions in the form of property rates as of December, 2010:

(a) Zambia Daily Mail;

(b) Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation; and

(c) Zambia Education and Publishing House.

467 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development:

 (a) how much of the K20 million youth fund released to each parliamentary constituency in 2010 had been utilised as of March, 2011;

 (b) what the role of the provincial youth co-ordinator is and how often he/she is supposed to tour districts; and

 (c) when the position of district youth co-ordinator will be established to enhance the effective running of youth activities country-wide.


Mr Kapeya

REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING SERVICES:  That this House do adopt the Report of the Committee on Information and Broadcasting Services, for the Fifth Session of the Tenth National Assembly, laid on the Table of the House on 26th May, 2011.