Thursday, 24th September, 2009

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11 Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry how many women, youth, people living with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS have benefited from the Citizens Economic Empowerment Programme in Nangoma Parliamentary Constituency.

12 Mr Kambwili (Roan) - to ask the Minister of Labour and Social Security:

(a) what the total membership of each of the following unions is:

(i) Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT);

(ii) Secondary Schools Teachers’ Union of Zambia (SESTUZ);

(iii) Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ);

(iv) Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ);

(v) Zambia Union of Nurses Organisations (ZUNO);

(vi) Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ); and

(vii) National Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW);

(b) how much money, per month, each union above collects from its members; and

(c) how the money collected is utilised.

13 Mr Milupi (Luena) - to ask the Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training when the Ministry will establish a trades training institute in Luena Parliamentary Constituency to absorb Grades 9 and 12 school leavers and provide, among others, the following trades:

(a) carpentry; and

(b) bricklaying.

14 Mr Beene (Itezhi-tezhi) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development:

(a) when the construction of the Itezhi-tezhi Hydro Power Station will commence; and

(b) what the source of funding for the project is.

15 Mr Mwapela (Kalabo Central) - to ask the Minister of Lands:

(a) when the Land Registry will be computerised to provide for applying for land on-line; and

(b) when a land audit was last carried out.

16 Mr C Mulenga (Chinsali Central) - to ask the Minister of Veterinary Services, Livestock and Fisheries when the Mbesuma Ranch in Chinsali Parliamentary Constituency will be re-stocked with the appropriate number of animals.

17 Mr Sejani (Mapatizya) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a) what the current status on the issuance of National Registration Cards country-wide is; and

(b) which areas were yet to be visited in this regard as of 31st July, 2009.

18 Mr E C Mwansa (Chifunabuli) - to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport when safe habours will be constructed at Chishi and Mbabala Islands on Lake Bangweulu in Chifunabuli Parliamentary Constituency.

19 Dr Chishya (Pambashe) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) whether public universities in Zambia are classified into categories of excellence, such as first class, second class
and third class; and

(b) if the classification above does exist, what the classifications for the following universities are:

(i) Copperbelt University;

(ii) Mulungushi University; and

(iii) University of Zambia.

20 Mrs E M Banda (Chililabombwe) - to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport what the Ministry’s position is regarding the benefits of the former employees of the Road Traffic Commission (RTC) who were taken over by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).

21 Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services when the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation will improve radio and television reception in Kanchibiya Parliamentary Constituency and other rural areas of Zambia.

22 Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Veterinary Services, Livestock and Fisheries whether there are any plans to:

(a) rehabilitate or construct dip-tanks in rural areas where cattle farming exists;

(b) offer free vaccines for livestock in rural areas; and

(c) offer free extension services through educating farmers on how to take care of their animals.

23 Mr Nyirenda (Kamfinsa) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply:

(a) how many roads are earmarked for rehabilitation and construction in Kitwe District in 2009; and

(b) when the Ministry will construct a ring road to join Centre Street to the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage-way through Ndeke Village.

24 Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development:

(a) what the total indebtedness of TAZAMA Pipelines Limited was as of June, 2009;

(b) what the future plans of the company are; and

(c) when a new board of directors will be appointed.

25 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) -  to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport how many public service vehicle drivers had their licences revoked due to causing death by dangerous driving in Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe, from 2005 to 2009.


1 Thanks - His Excellency the President’s Address - Motion (22nd September)
   - Resumption of Debate.