Thursday, 15th October, 2009

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131 Mrs Chitika-Molobeka (Kawambwa) - to ask the Minister of Education when Government will construct a high school in Iyanga ward in Kawambwa Parliamentary Constituency.

132 Mr C K Banda (Chasefu) - to ask the Vice President and Minister of Justice:

(a) when a court house will be built at Mwata Local Court in Chasefu Parliamentary Constituency; and

(b) when houses for local court staff at Phikamalaza will be rehabilitated.

133 Mrs E M Banda (Chililabombwe) - to ask the Minister of Education when another high school will be built in Chililabombwe Parliamentary Constituency.

134 Mr Munaile (Malole) - to ask the Vice President and Minister of Justice when the local courts at Makasa and Chimbola in Malole Parliamentary Constituency will be rehabilitated and court rooms extended.

135 Mr Kambwili (Roan) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) who owns the buses that are bought by Parents Teachers Associations in Government schools;

(b) whether Government officials such as District Commissioners have authority to direct Government school managers to release their buses for political party functions; and

(c) what disciplinary measures are taken on Government officials who abuse school property for political party functions or activities.


W1 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) -  to ask the Minister of Works and  Supply:

(a) how much work, in terms of feeder roads, has been done using the equipment bought from China, from inception to August, 2009, province by province;

(b) how many pieces of this equipment have since broken down, province by province; and

(c) which Government department is responsible for servicing and maintaining the equipment above, province by province.

W2 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) - to ask the Minister of Communications and Transport:

(a) how much was invested in the Railway Systems of Zambia from 2006 to 2009, year by year;

(b) what major achievements were recorded from the investments above;

(c) what the flow of traffic has been in the period above compared to the last four years of Zambia Railways Limited;

(d) what was the amount of cargo moved in the period at (a) compared to the last four years of Zambia Railways
Limited; and

(e) what the future plans of the railways company are.

W3 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs:

(a) how many cases of corruption were prosecuted in the Courts of Law from 2006 to August, 2009, year by year, from both  Government and private institutions;

(b) of the cases above, how many resulted into the following:

(i) acquittals;
(ii) convictions; and
(iii) nolle prosequi;

(c) how much money and property was recovered;

(d) from which Government institutions was the highest number of corruption cases recorded; and

(e) of the people convicted at (b) above, how many were from private institutions.
W4 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) -  to ask the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources:

(a) when the Environmental Protection Fund was set up;

(b) how much each of the following mining companies contributed to the fund as of January, 2009:

(i) Konkola;
(ii) Mopani;
(iii) Kansanshi;
(iv) Lumwana; and
(v) Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Company Limited;

(c) which areas have benefited from the Fund since inception;

(d) how many mining companies have been prosecuted by the Government for environmental related cases; and

(e) how many cases of air and water pollution were reported to the Environmental Council of Zambia from 2004 to August, 2009, year by year.

W5 Mr P P Chanda (Kankoyo) -  to ask the Minister of Works and  Supply:

(a) how many road contractors were banned from doing business with the Government between January, 2005 and August, 2009;

(b) how many of the contractors at (a) were:

(i) prosecuted; and
(ii) convicted;

(c) how many contractors at (a) have been blacklisted;

(d) how much money the Government lost which led to the banning at (a); and

(e) how many employees of the Road Development Agency:

(i) were implicated in these cases;
(ii) were dismissed; and
(iii) are being prosecuted to-date.

W6 Mr Katuka (Mwinilunga East) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a) how many hearses were distributed:

(i) province by province; and
(ii) district by district; and

(b) what criteria were used for the distribution of the hearses.


1 Supply - Motion (9th October) - Resumption of Debate.