Friday, 5th March, 2010

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333    Mr Hamusonde (Nangoma) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply why civil servants are given priority over the general public in the purchase of used Government motor vehicles.

334    Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Health how much money the Office of the Chilubi District Director of Health has been spending in referring patients to both Lubwa Mission and Luwingu District Hospitals.

335    Ms Mwape (Mufulira) - to ask the Minister of Community Development and Social Services:

(a)    whether the Social Cash Transfer Scheme is being implemented for the intended beneficiaries;

(b)    what the criteria used to identify the beneficiaries of the scheme are; and

(c)    how many people are benefiting from the Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Mufulira Parliamentary Constituency.

336    Mr Chimbaka (Bahati) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)    which civil engineering company has been supervising:

(i)    the renovations of Mansa Municipal Council office block and civic centre; and

(ii)    the construction of the new market at Down Market in Bahati Parliamentary Constituency;

(b)    who the designers of the office block and new market are and what the cost of designs is;

(c)    what the total cost of the new building at the civic centre and the market is; and

(d)    when all the works above will be completed.

337    Dr Chishya (Pambashe) - to ask the Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training:

(a)    what the total workforce at the National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research was as of December, 2009;

(b)    of the total workforce, what was the number of scientific personnel holding:

(i)    Bachelor’s degrees;
(ii)    Master’s degrees; and
(iii)    Doctor of Philosophy degrees;

(c)    what research and development programmes the personnel at (b) were involved in; and

(d)    what the benefits of the institution have been to justify the Government subventions.

338    Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Finance and National Planning:

(a)    how much money ZCCM Investments Holdings has remitted to the ZCCM Trust Fund from 1994 to-date so as to pay former ZCCM employees;

(b)    what the total number of employees who were paid from the Fund was as of 30th September, 2009; and

(c)    what the other sources of funding for paying former employees have been.

339    Mr D Mwila (Chipili) - to ask the Minister of Energy and Water Development:

(a)    how much money the Government is going to spend on rural electrification in 2010 country-wide;

(b)    which areas had been identified for electrification in Luapula
            Province in 2010;

(c)    how much money donors will contribute towards the project; and

(d)    when the project to be undertaken in 2010 in Luapula Province will be completed.

340    Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a)    how many CD4 count machines were operating in medical institutions country-wide as of 31st December, 2009; and

(b)    how much money will be spent by the Government to purchase more CD4 count machines in 2010.

341    Mr Mwango (Kanchibiya) - to ask the Minister of Defence:

(a)    when the Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe will re-open;

(b)    how much money will be injected in the re-opening of the company;

(c)    how much share capital contribution is expected from the
Zambian Government; and

(d)    how many people will be employed by the company when it is fully operational.

342    Mr Malama (Mfuwe) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development:

(a)    what plans the Government has for the Mununga Quarries in Mfuwe Parliamentary Constituency; and

(b)    how many machines were functional at the quarry as of 31st December, 2009.
343    Mr Katuka (Mwinilunga East) - to ask the Minister of Home Affairs
when the Government will rehabilitate the National Registration Office in Mwinilunga District which collapsed a few years ago and was subsequently abandoned by staff.

344    Mr C K Banda (Chasefu) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a)    when Sinda, in the Eastern Province, will be accorded district status; and

(b)    when Lusuntha in Chasefu Parliamentary Constituency and Lumezi in Lumezi Parliamentary Constituency will be made sub-district centres.

345    Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and  

(a)    whether the Government intends to legalise street vending following the global recession which has affected many families; and

(b)    how many marketers have applied to Lusaka City Council for stands at the New Soweto Market.

346    Mr Mukanga (Kantanshi) - to ask the Minister of Health how many ambulances do the following hospitals currently have:

(a)    Kamuchanga; and

(b)    Ronald Ross.

347    Mr Mukanga (Kantanshi) - to ask the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources:

(a)    how many white rhinos were in Zambia’s national parks as of 30th October, 2009; and

(b)    what measures have been taken to protect this endangered species.