Friday, 9th November, 2007

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966 Ms Limata (Luampa) - to ask the Minister of Community Development and Social Services:

(a) when the Ministry will employ trained staff to run its departments in the Western Province, in particular, and in all the rural areas in Zambia, in general; and

(b) what support the Ministry is providing to the following vulnerable groups in Luampa Parliamentary Constituency:

(i) the poor and the orphans; and
(ii) HIV/AIDS and TB patients.

967 Mr Mweemba (Magoye) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing when the following roads in Magoye Parliamentary Constituency will be rehabilitated:

(i) feeder roads; and
(ii) Chivuna/Nkonkola road.

968 Mr Imasiku (Liuwa) - to ask the Minister of Education:

(a) how many of the new schools earmarked for construction country-wide in 2007 will be built in the Western Province, constituency by constituency; and

(b) how many of the schools at (a) above have so far been funded.

969 Mr Chisala (Chilubi) - to ask the Minister of Education when funding to the University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University will be increased.

970 Mr Mwapela (Kalabo Central) - to ask the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development:

(a) when diamond mining by the Spirit of the River Company will be launched in Kalabo;

(b) whether an environmental impact assessment study was conducted in Kalabo District to determine the effects of the mine on the local communities in the district; and

(c) what the justification is for giving a big mining area to the mine owners at (a) above which may hinder other potential investors.

971 Mrs Musokotwane (Katombola) - to ask the Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development:

(a) how many youths are currently in the Zambia National Service camps, by gender;

(b) how many youths have, since the inception of the programme, graduated from the camps above, by gender;

(c) what measures the Government has taken to empower the graduates at (b) above so that they are prevented from going back to the streets;

(d) when the next youth intake will be; and

(e) how many youths will be recruited.

972 Mr Singombe (Dundumwezi) - to ask the Minister of Local Government and Housing:

(a) when feeder roads in Dundumwezi Parliamentary Constituency will be rehabilitated; and
(b) how many boreholes will be sunk from the 2007 Budget in the above Constituency.

973 Mr Kambwili (Roan) - to ask the Minister of Education how many pupils from Grades 1 to 7 have received free books and pencils under the free education programme in the following provinces:

(i) Copperbelt;  
(ii) Lusaka;
(iii) Southern; and
(iv) Northern.

974 Mr Mukanga (Kantanshi) - to ask the Minister of Health:

(a) how many children were born in Zambia from 2001 to 2006;

(b) how many of the children at (a) above were born with disabilities; and

(c) what the distribution of the disabilities at (b) above is, province by province.

975 Mr Katuka (Mwinilunga East) - to ask the Minister of Works and Supply when the following roads in Mwinilunga East Parliamentary Constituency will be graded:

(i) Chibwika/Kamapanda road; and
(ii) Kanyama/Kakoma road.


Dr Kalumba

Report of the Committee on Local Governance, Housing and Chiefs’ Affairs:  That this House do adopt the Report of the Committee on Local Governance, Housing and Chiefs’ Affairs, for the First Session of the Tenth National Assembly, laid on the Table of the House on 12th October, 2007.