Committee on Legal Affairs, Human Rights, National Guidance, Gender Matters and Governance

Committee Type: 

Functions of the Committee

Functions of the Committee: 

Functions of the Committee on Legal Affairs, Governance, Human Rights, Gender Matters and Child Affairs:

  • Study and report on the mandate, management and operations of the Ministry of Justice and the Gender in Development Division, Departments and/or agencies under their portfolios.
  • Carry out detailed investigations or scrutiny of certain activities being undertaken by the ministries, departments and/or agencies under their portfolios and make appropriate recommendations to the House for ultimate consideration by the Government.
  • Make, if considered necessary, recommendations to the Government on the need to review certain policies and certain existing legislation.
  • Consider, in detail, the annual reports of the agencies and/or departments under the Ministry of Justice.
  • Consider any Bills that may be referred to it by the House.