Committee Type: 

Functions of the Committee

Functions of the Committee: 

Committee on Agriculture and Lands

This Committee is responsible for the following Ministries:

  • ¬†Agriculture and Cooperatives

Functions of the Committee on Agriculture and Lands:

  • Study, report and make recommendations to the Government through the House, on the mandate, management and operations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Lands, departments and/or agencies under their portfolio.
  • Carry out detailed scrutiny of certain activities being undertaken by the Government ministries, departments and or agencies under their portfolio and make appropriate recommendations to the House for ultimate consideration by the Government.
  • Make, if considered necessary, recommendations to the Government on the need to review certain policies and or certain existing legislation.
  • Examine annual reports of Government ministries and departments under their portfolios in the context of the autonomy and efficiency of government ministries and departments and determine whether the affairs of the said bodies are being managed according to relevant Acts of Parliament, established regulations, rules and general orders.
  • Consider any Bills that may be referred to it by the House.