Speaker Matibini calls for more collaboration with LAZ and urges the Association to continue being professional and transact in apolitical manner

Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, Rt. Hon Mr Justice Dr Patrick Matibini, SC, BA, FCIArb, MP, has commended the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for its renewed commitment in collaborating with the National Assembly on matters of governance.

Speaking when the newly elected President of the Association, Mr Abyudi Shonga, SC, paid a courtesy call on him, on Wednesday, 5th August, 2020, Dr Matibini stressed the need for the Association to get more involved in the work of Parliament.

Dr Matibini added that, enhanced engagement and contribution to the work of Parliament is cardinal in fostering the relationship between the two institutions.  He however, noted that, critical governance related matters ought to be resolved through engagement, as opposed to initiating legal actions as a first resort.  Legal actions should if need be invoked as a last resort. Dr Matibini noted that it was wise of the LAZ leadership to trace its birthplace.  The Association is in fact established through an Act of Parliament. Thus the institution should be professional and focused on its statutory mandate and mission.  And ensure that it transacts its business in an apolitical manner or fashion.

Lastly, Dr Matibini, indicated to the Association that he was open and amenable to dialogue whenever necessary.

Meanwhile, President of the Law Association of Zambia, Mr Abyudi Shonga, SC, pledged to collaborate and interface with the National Assembly of Zambia as mandated, especially in the area of promoting the reform of the law, both by the amendment of and the removal of imperfections in existing law, and by the re-formulation, codification or restatement of particular branches of the law.  To this end, he expressed gratitude for the invitations to participate in making submissions on bills that were under consideration by the National Assembly.
Mr Shonga, SC, however implored the National Assembly to consider increasing the notice period that the Association is given to make submissions before the relevant committees in order to make significant contributions.  He further expressed concern that, in some cases, well researched contributions by LAZ were glossed over and therefore, urged the National Assembly to apply much more consideration to the submissions.

Mr Shonga, SC, was accompanied by two other Council Members, Mr Sokwani Chilembo and Mr Kampamba Kombe.