The National Assembly of Zambia (NAZ) Madalas football team was held to a scoreless game by Chikankata Mission Madalas on Saturday, 14th March, 2020.  The game was hosted by Chikankata Member of Parliament, Mr Kabwe Mwiinga at the Chikankata High School football ground.
NAZ Madalas which comprised of parliamentarians and staff moved several motions to net the ball but could not beat Chikankata Mission Madalas goalkeeper Alvin Michelo.   Milanzi Constituency Member of Parliament Whiteson Banda kept the crowd cheering as he displayed his usual dribbling skills which kept the Chikankata Mission Madalas midfield busy.  In the dying minutes of the game, NAZ striker Aaron Silwimba’s goal was disallowed by vigilant referee, Oaken Chonga due to the striker’s offside position.  
And speaking after the match, Chikankata Member of Parliament, Mr Kabwe Mwiinga, who was part of the NAZ team, thanked the staff for taking time to interact with the people of Chikankata through sport.  He urged the teams to work harder in the return leg.  
Chikankata Mission Madalas Coach Mangombe Hachilala said he was delighted that the National Assembly had accepted the invitation to play his team and pledged to silence NAZ Madalas in the return leg.
Giving a vote of thanks, National Assembly Football Club Vice Chairperson Julius Musumali thanked the Member of Parliament for Chikankata for the initiative and encouraged other parliamentarians to emulate the gesture.